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To The Girl Who’s Never The One

To The Girl Who’s Never The One
Everyone addresses to the girl who’s always the protagonist, even of your story. The girl who every guy wants, the ideal one. The girl who catches the eye of the main man, the girl who can practically charm the guy she lays her finger on. But you, nobody talks about girls like you. The girl in the background. The girl who tries so hard, so damn hard, to be the one. For once.
You’re not the cute nerd who the most popular guy at school ends up falling for, neither are you that hot girl in school everyone wishes they were friends with. Then who are you? You are a little of everything. You live your life to the fullest as if each day were your last. You party, get high and have the time of your life. On the flip side, you’re someone who’s focused on her career, the girl who aspires to make it big one day. You’re also the girl who’s always there for everyone, no matter what. Mainly because you know how it feels to not have anyone by your side when it’s all downhill.
You’re an open, opinionated, multifaceted girl and maybe that’s why you come off as shallow and easy to some people.
But, stop beating yourself up for that. Stop dwelling on your insecurities. Nobody is perfect and putting the weight of perfectionism on your shoulders, is not okay.
You’re amazing as you are. You have so much in you, you’re so full of life. You have stories to tell, memories to cherish and experiences to learn from. You should not try and be a little like her or a little like her. You are beautiful as you are.
Trust me when I say this, you’ll find the right people. The people who see right through you, the potential in you and the warmth of your heart. The people who will love you for who you are. And when you do find these people, you’ll realize that it was all worth the wait. Until then, you do you. Because honestly? You’re already doing great, love.
Stay in your element.
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Khushi Maheshwary

Happiness! That's what my parents had in mind when they named me. But I guess "Happiness" is so much more profound to be just a name. I wish to spread more of it through this blog, addressing and simplifying things we so often complicate ourselves. Happy Succinct Reading!!

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