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Assam the unnoticed beauty of India

Assam the unnoticed beauty of India

India is known to have beautiful states and varied cultures. One such is Assam which is one of the seven sisters which includes Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura. A state surrounded by nature and beautiful history and culture of its own, Assam is a great place to visit once in your life.

A culture which includes variety in food, festivals and other different things it is also a place where you can see varied cultural people happily living their lives. From celebrating festivals like Bihu where you see people happily dancing, eating, and enjoying each other’s company, Assam is also famous for the river named the Brahmaputra which is an important river for irrigation and transportation of the region.

If we go towards Assam’s cuisine we cannot miss the bamboo shoots and the curries that are famous there, from tasty fish curries to healthy greens Assam is known to have great taste with keeping health in mind. If we go towards the upper Assam the place is filled with different historical sites which were made during the Ahom dynasty, one such famous place is the rong ghor that was made by the Ahom kings to spectate games from this two-story building.

There are many such monuments that can be seen in Assam, from temples to namghors which are very famous and a place of worship for the Assamese people. Assam is also famous for Kaziranga national park and the very famous one horn Rhinos which can be spotted in the Kaziranga.

Assam is a place filled with culture, food, and nature which no one cannot ignore a place with a homely environment and people. North East is a part of India that represents the north-eastern culture of the Indian community and fills a great place in India as a state.

If you ever get a chance to visit this place never forget to try the food and spectate the very beautiful Bihu dance and learn a few steps yourself.

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