No matter who, almost everyone has to face hardships in his/her life, the magnitude varies, different people go through different situations, react differently and change and adapt differently. No two people (even they had gone through same difficulties) would be same at the end of it. It all depends on how you respond (RESPOND and not react) to whatever that comes at you, be it someone lashing out on you verbally, dealing with failures, heartbreaks, etc.

You can use the best of your potential only when you are calm and are at a balanced emotional state, not when you are happy, not when you are sad, not when you are angry but only when you are calm and are at peace!

You’ll overpromise and under-deliver when you are happy, you’ll underestimate your potential and will not trust yourself to accomplish something that you wish to when you’re sad, you’ll end up hurting yourself or someone else with the decision that you’ll make when you are angry, or maybe you’ll end up giving up when you are afraid.

It is okay and completely normal to be emotional and feel things, but don’t make or rush to a decision when you are feeling something. Use your emotions to your advantage. Use them as motivation, make peace with yourself, keep calm amidst the chaos in your head. Because it is only when you are calm, you can use the best of your potential.

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