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To the broken soul

To the broken soul

To the broken soul,

I know your heart is weeping around,
Trust is so fragile we got to know now!
With the tears in the eyes
And hope in heart to be smile again!

i know who you feel and I even understand what you are going through! but trust me everything happens for a reasons and this was also a part of your destiny, maybe this has happened to make you learn to love & and rules of trusting and it’s totally okay if didn’t get a conclusion or a proper answer! it’s also okay if you got cheated on but you are true on you side so stop asking yourself self and doubting you pure heart!

this Is a very important phase of your life , you can grow more, learn to self love & also be with the ones for whom you really mean something!
with the passing eventually you get out from everything possible! you will be so strong one day that while telling your story you won’t cry anymore! but all you need to do is involve yourself in something you love to do! once you get through this , the tables will turn around too! but you need to stand and start for yourself first as no one could do this to you , if you aren’t ready to move out!

So fighter get up! hold yourself go forward in the direction which requires you! and soon you will end up being happy!

About The Author

Kruti Trivedi

Kruti Trivedi from Ahmedabad. Perusing computer engineering as career But a writer by heart ! She belongs to miracle believers in the world of practical ones!

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