Have they met yet?
The sky and the earth?
It has been an eternity and I am still waiting.
You had the illusion too that they’re one now.
Didn’t you?
But they aren’t.

There are still some differences,
Aren’t there?
They seem so close, so much into each other,
they complement each other so much.
They just are there for each other.
Like they always had been.
And here I wonder, ” will they ever be one?”
How long will the differences last?
But it isn’t necessary that they will be one?
Is it?

Maybe. I still hope that one day they’ll be one.
One day.
The sky will melt and fall.
It’ll fall into the scorched parts, fitting perfectly.
Healing everything that was ruined.
And then, the horizon will not be just an illusion.

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