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My journey with GOGO Magazine

My journey with GOGO Magazine

High on prose, people and places,
I must create.
And it starts with,
just one more sentence,
maybe two
And then I’ll find my way.
To a story,
Or an article,
Or something more
And guess what …
In GOGO Magazine, I found a platform that listens attentively to every word I say and write and in a brilliant editor cut prints out my ramblings into a coherent piece.

It’s been an adrenaline rush working for the magazine with ideas of all crazy forms being discussed into a doable art and that keeps me going and keeps me hooked to the magazine. Cliched it may sound but the journey so far has been creatively fulfilling and intellectually stimulating.

Not like a run of mill do it in your sleep assignments but challenges that snap you out of your comfort zone to discuss ideas and approach people, not in your regular vein of work. It’s been a fulfilling experience working at GOGO Magazine and I hope that in future also I am capable enough to meet the growing demands of this brilliant initiative.


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About The Author

Deepika Kochhar

Cliched totally— Traveller by passion Jewellery Designer by profession And A wordsmith by hobby😊

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