It’s an age old question
To define love’s rendition
A lot has changed, in a decade
Though a century it took to culminate the cascade

A century of hate, masquerading in our hearts
People shunning people just because they stood apart
Every word in LGBTQ used as an abuse
Making people hide or even tie up the noose

The suffering has been great
When the fight for love Just brew hate
We humans are a crazy breed
Being selfish only caring for our own need

Love is what fuels our humanity
Ironically we chose hate giving up our sanity
Humans telling humans what’s natural and what’s not
Shunning others out no matter how hard they fought

For a long long time we were a society of homophobes
Making people suffer across the globe
The past decade can’t make up for a century of hate
But finally we have the chance to correct our forefather’s mistake

To treat love as love and nothing less
Let people be themselves and freely express
Just stand in support no matter what’s your orientation
Cause all they ask is for acceptance and no more discrimination
Just listen to them, let them have a voice
And let’s all be humans who respect each other’s choice

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