One fine midnight,
while my fragile is heart was broken,
dreams were scattered,
my eyes were swollen with tears,
Only thing was alive was my hope.

With a new ray of sun rejuvenate it again with a spark. The belief that one day everything will be OK! And one day everything will be in a better place than hope was only the which never let me die again! Yes we get hurt, broken, scattered, dreams get fade but the only thing that should never die is “hope”. As definitely one or the other day things may get good or better but it did lose our hope then the best things also won’t make us feel calm but if it’s not there then the worst thing also won’t make us quiet! We have felt if something didn’t happen accordingly us we get sad as human it’s our nature but instead of breaking just pause your self for a second and think if you tired again and you got it accordingly your wish then!?

In this year where life has become so uncertain but we keep complaining about all the little worries we have but if we just try to change our angle of viewing things! I promise you would be grateful and the day you become grateful you become the most hopeful person! Most importantly keep your hope to yourself like keep it I won’t quit till I don’t get satisfied or maybe keep it something smaller like I hope is to see my parents smiling that’s a very huge thing but in a small and beautiful way!

Every night before you sleep give yourself a hope to wake up tomorrow and then observe your giggling around and feeling liking enthusiasm running in your veins!

” Just keep Your Ray Of Hope Alive Always “

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