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It was the year 1940 when two brothers who were seeking opportunities to develop their business shifted to California from New England and took the risk of the opening drive-in, after the success of their business they opened their first restaurant in 1948 which provided a huge quantity of food at a very low price. The two brothers Maurice and Richard McDonald decided to limit their food menu and included Hamburgers, Potato Chips, cold drinks, and Pie. 

The selected and easy way of providing food at a low price was an efficient format which they named the speedy service system. 

The brothers and their idea were working wonders as it was saving them time and like other restaurants, they didn’t have waiters and waitresses and believed in the self-service procedure which got easier for them and the customers too.

Ray Kroc was one of the appliance providers to the brothers at their restaurant seeing impressed by their business model decided to buy the rights of franchising McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. The first restaurant in San Bernardino in California was now a mass market with the help of Ray Kroc. We can agree with the fact that though the brothers opened and invented the speedy service system what we now famously know and love was introduced to the nation by Ray Kroc.

After being able to open its franchisee nationwide there were different kinds of changes that took place in both the food menu and the business model. In the year 2019 Ray buys the McDonald brothers for 2.6 million dollars. The company also bought a few new features attached to it which included introducing the crown named Ronald McDonald but due to public criticism it sidelined it in the 21st century, the other very notable addition was when it included the big mac to its addition making it one of the most selling food items after french fries and lastly it changed its earlier logo and making it one of the most famous logos in the world.

With its vast success, there was also a lot of criticism that came its way as the growth of this fast-food chain increased with more than 1000 restaurants worldwide, but there were lawsuits filed against McDonald’s as people believed it was causing health problems to the consumers.

It also experienced a major backlash during the release of the documentary Super Size Me( 2004) which showed the decline in the filmmakers’ health when he only consumed the McDonald’s foods, this made McDonald’s start its healthier version of vegan hamburgers on its menu. 

McDonald’s history is a mixture of great business ideas and a variety of changes and developments, being the most loved fast-food joint in the world.

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