Vanity of vanities, all is vanity
there is nothing new under the sun
Dream o dream of known to unknown
Oh plunge me into unknown roads
Those known pavement scattered and torn
The dropped stitches can be left
Yet the mark made it mark rest

I turned it around, I turned it over
Dream fights with machine
Come wrestle me free, clean from the war
Filled the cup until it overflowed
Yet the journey felt like never started
Walking and walking satisfied with none
Wandering for everything yet nothing

My roses grew back to thorns
Mistakes o mistakes, lessons o lessons
Journey started and led to Essen
Built from ashes to rest in ashes
Flowing and floating to grew roses
Thorns dried roses grew into moses

Sharp like diamond
Light and bring summoned
Journey that started with vanity
Ended with reality
Looking past every moment
To Know you are right where you are
Journey that will mark it mark

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