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Ratting the bro science

Ratting the bro science

The bro-science followed by ego lifting can postpone the goals that one has set for his fitness journey.
The fitness industry is becoming famous day by day, as many youngsters want to flaunt their biceps and abs. And to get that bicep peak, one simply joins the gym. Unaware about bros who have their own incomplete and varied science that varies from “bro” to “bro”.

Due to lack of guidance and knowledge many rookies who join the gym end up having muscle pain and cramps after the first day of working out, which leads them to skip and hate gym from the very next day and as a result of which, they either leave working out completely or reduce their attendance in the gym.

An average gym member goes to the gym at least twice a week and about 82% of gym or fitness facility members go to the gym less than once a week, based on the IHRSA annual attrition rate.

People need to understand that working intensively on the very first day will not help and it might even lead to serious muscle and other injuries. And many people do this because, on the very first day, they encounter the gym bros. Proper guidance from a well-qualified and certified fitness trainer is something many people do not look for. Honestly, without proper guidance and knowledge, it’s of no use to hit the gym.

Getting that bicep peak is not only about training the brachialis but the nutrition too.
Takes us to the very next phrase that can be heard from the gym bros.
“Bro, you have to take whey protein to grow the muscles”
And many of them don’t even know the working of protein and how it helps in muscle building accompanied by the side effects it might have for the allergics.

Basically working out, breaks the muscle fibers and whey protein helps the fibers to recover and also helps in increasing the size of the muscles.
One has to understand his body type and if whey protein will be suitable for him or not before purchasing something that’s a bit on the dear side.

Falling for the bro-science has led many people to waste their hard-earned money on gym memberships they hardly use.
People need to understand that fitness can not be a goal to a common man, it’s more of a lifestyle, a journey that has to be made daily with complete enjoyment. If done properly, it can boost one’s confidence. Also, one can never retain his muscles lifelong. But working out daily can help in maintaining the shape.

And to keep going in this journey proper guidance in the very beginning is a must. Ignoring the bros, and following the trained is something people need to know to actually see that bicep gaining its peak.

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Vaishali Thakur

Vaishali Thakur, an undergraduate from Panjab University, expresses her opinions in the language that she dreams in: Hindi. Writing for four years exclusively in Hindi, she believes that all possess a unique power to inspire. She chose to unleash hers by writing. Coke Studio music, dogs and coffee appeals the most to her. A firm believer in the 'The power of one', she believes that a single person can make a difference in the world.

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