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Dreams and Addiction

Dreams and Addiction

“Ghar badla, thikaana badla,
log badle, zamaana badla,
Mushkilein badhi, asaani badli,
Log bichde, kahaani badli.”

It is a change that affects a person, we are too addicted to constant life, lack of growth and lack of adaptability is why we suffer, it is why we choose pain over happiness. It is not a choice, it is a lifestyle. No one is meant to stay forever, people would live or leave and it is a cycle of life. But it is your choice to stay or let it go.

Several people dream of a particular thing in life and make that dream come true, Let it be the greatest ever batsman Sachin Tendulkar who ends his 22-year-old dream to win a World Cup in 2011 to a small town ticket collector MSD who hit the World Cup-winning six to make both the dreams come true.

Both had a vision to achieve and they did it. Life should not stop because of people who pass by your life. If anyone is constantly pulling you down, leaves you worthless and you start to feel bad about yourself. It is not love. It is emotional abuse, which we don’t feel but it exists.

To get out of your emotions require courage and not comfort, conformity is coward, courage is a winter bush on a summer beach in a white bikini. Courage is bold, brave and beautiful.

Likewise, people are addicted to a lot of things such as drugs, liquor, cigarettes or even people. It needs the utmost courage to leave the addiction. Let the roots be strong and don’t let your addiction be a barrier in front of your dreams.  Keep Dreaming!





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