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Book Review of ‘Acid’ by Sangeetha Sreenivasan

Book Review of ‘Acid’ by Sangeetha Sreenivasan

One of the most compelling, Complex, though provoking, and poignant novels I read in days is by Sangeetha Sreenivasan’s ‘ACID’. The story revolves around Kamala, a mother of twin sons, one crippled due to an accident. Her failed marriage with her own cousin, and her affection for a beautiful and smart Shaly, a young woman she met at a tour. Her dependence on drugs, her psychological issues. The story is related to the dogmas of society, which we try to negate. The homophobia, the class distinctions, the love at the tender age, Incest, questioning the authorities, parenting, and what not!

The two children were not aware of the relationship that Shaly and Kamala exhibited, but they later convulsed and learned. The storyline begins with the self wrath Kamala had, for not being there for her mother, when she died. Later on, she took her two sons and Shaly to her ancestral home, where all the leverages of Bangalore City were missing. She started having hallucinations and dealt with severe health issues. The story also comes in touch with her relations with her own family. Her Uncle had a keen interest in her property. Her ex-husband, Madhavan, who even though is with Kamaljeet, but still feels a lot about Kamala.

Acid, as in all deals with a variety of issues, dogmas, and controversies, which are negated time and again. Hence, it makes a much more like a mirror in society. Published by Penguin in 2016, the book is a must-read for learning the so-called delusional complexes.

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