Life and the moon
It’s like noon
So what? Sun starts to settle,
Moon come forward for its battle.

It all begins with the new moon,
It accepts this as a boon.
Slowly and steadily growing daily,
Strong in determination, not wally.

Soon it starts to shine bright,
Don’t bother for down just getting the height.
From beginning to end it goes through many phases,
Plodding but never give up the race.

As a result, it becomes beautiful and brilliant,
It is a non-living thing which leaves behind many hints.
Though the sun is more dazzling,
But for us, the moon has more blessing.

You know why?

“Because it doesn’t matter who shines bright
The thing matter, who fight the battel tight”
From darkness to bright,
Moon has to fight.

It always wins,
After that, getting into spins.
It’s nature which restrains,
But the moon will fight against.
Same with life,
It’s not always like a hive.

We go through phases, we go through dark,
The only thing to learn, never lose the spark.

Learn from moon,
And don’t be a goon.

Hustle, hustle, and hustle,
One day you will cross all hurdles.
The day will come you are at the top,
Just believe in yourself and never lose hope.

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