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5 Fascinating stories about Dark Web

5 Fascinating stories about Dark Web

The internet today holds the key to the strongest weapon in this world, data. Everything that we do today on the internet is somehow or another directly related to what happens in daily life. Here we bring you some of the most chilling and fascinating stories and real-life incidents of surfing gon wrong over the dark web.

1. Stories of cannibalism

We all have seen if not the movie, then the clips of movies like Wrong turn, Vertigo and other where cannibalism is portrayed in a thrilling sense. But down there in the dark web, there are actual sites where you may find recipes of how to cook a women. A Reddit thread had a user share its chilling experience:

“In CompSci, we often got bored and d*cked around. One day we ran into the deep web. The most disturbing site we found was a comprehensive guide for cooking women. We’re not talking about a short joke here. This page had information on what body types to use for specific cuts, how to prepare these cuts, and how to cook the girl so she lives as long as possible.”

2.High risk of identity theft

You know what’s one of the most spine cracking thing in today’s world? It’s identity theft. Just to keep it in plain simple words, even if you are the most peaceful being on the planet, you can be impersonated at a terrorist site to convert your life into a nightmare. Beginners are often targetted by world-class hackers as it is easy to steal their identities. Once the hackers get the hold of their identities, it’s really easy to sell them online to the highest bidder, once that happens, you are on your own.

There was an incident in which a user was following the online path of a website is found. At that point, the user found a file made only for the user. The user opens the file, “We see you,” the file read.

The entire story goes that the user happened upon an arbitrary page of what appeared to be “irregular contemplations from various individuals.” So the Redditor chose to press further. Glancing through the source, arranging the IP locations of the considerable number of remarks, this user was attempting to make sense of what connected the individuals on this site.

At that point, something dreadful occurred:

“I finally came upon a web server with a huge directory of HTML files and TIFF images, with a few smaller subdirectories containing the same. ‘nslookup’ returned no reverse records for the IP. A VisualRoute traced it as far as Colorado. The HTML files appeared to be records a psychologist or similar mental health professional would keep. The images were of faxes, apparently of both military and medical nature.
As I browsed from a subdirectory back to the parent, at the top of was a new HTML file named something like “1-.HELLO-THERE.html”. The timestamp was from right that minute. I opened it, and in plain text was the message “we see you”. No quotes, all lower-case. About 15 seconds later the server dropped.”

3. Paid assassins:

Almost everyone in this world is a fan of the legendary Keanu Reeves movie series, John Wick. He was a paid assassin and that too one of the most fearsome. What if we tell you that it is all a reality? There have been numerous excerpts of users finding advertisements or happening to get into some shady websites with information about the killing sprees of assassins who are available for hire.

A man who went on the Dark Web to recruit a contract killer to kill his previous sweetheart’s beau was condemned on Wednesday (Sept 18) to five years’ prison. Before passing on the sentence, District Judge Shaiffudin Saruwan said that Allen Vincent Hui Kim Seng’s offense indicated “mercilessness” and intention. The 47-year-old confessed in July to one check of deliberately abetting Camorra Hitmen to slaughter Mr Tan Han Shen, 30.

4. Human trafficking:

Human trafficking is one of the most hideous crimes in this world. Each and every country is equally exposed and manipulated by human trafficking mafia. There has been significant evidenced of human trafficking being carried on the dark web. Federal agencies as well as ethical hackers have been behind the people that operate this mafia and do all the atrocities.

Criminal associations have taken to human dealing like a fish takes to the water since it is simple and economical to purchase, move and adventure powerless young ladies and youngsters. Additionally, generally safe of discovery and arraignment of innovation encouraged human dealing contrasted with the hazard related to customary, types of dealing makes online sex dealing an alluring criminal behavior. One kid or young lady can create a few thousand dollars per day for dealers as they can expose them day by day misuse and rehashed deal, not at all like other unlawful exercises like the medication exchange. As indicated by the International Labor Organization (ILO) gauges “comprehensively, 66% of the benefits from constrained work get produced by constrained sexual misuse, creating the US $99 billion every year.” Approximately 5.5 million youngsters younger than 18 get constrained in the process of childbirth, and specialists gauge that more than one million are casualties of constrained sexual abuse.

Profound Web gives not just a concealing spot for human dealers and pornographers; It has become a shelter for a significant number of them. Specialists gauge that 50,000 individuals in the U.S. alone access the Deep Web for exchanging kid erotic entertainment. The idea of the Deep Web makes it exceptionally hard to find these individuals, regardless of the best endeavors of the administration. The profound web is the impression of this present reality; profound web is just an eyehole into this grievous reality. An answer for which lies in reality. We as a whole live in an interconnected world. We are each of the ONE. In the event that one is enduring, all are enduring; Therefore, the onus has arrived to do everything we can to end human misuse.

5. Terrorist recruiting websites:

Fear mongers have been dynamic on different online stages since the late 1990s.5
The Surface Web, be that as it may, was uncovered to be excessively dangerous for obscurity looking for fear mongers:they could be checked, followed and found. A large number of the fear monger sites and social media on the Surface Web are checked by counter-fear mongering offices and are frequently close down or hacked. Conversely, on the Dark Net, decentralized and mysterious net-works help in dodging capture and the conclusion of these fear monger stages. “ISIS’s exerciseson the Surface Web are currently being checked intently, and the choice by various governments to bring down or channel radical substance has constrained the jihadists to search for new online places of refuge,” Beatrice Berton of the European Union Institute for Security Studies wrote in her report on ISIS’s utilization of the Dark Net.

Following the assaults in Paris in November 2015, ISIS has gone to the Dark Net to spread news and publicity in an obvious endeavor to ensure the personalities of the gathering’s supporters and shield its substance from hacktivists. The move comes after many sites related with ISIS were brought down as a component of the Operation Paris (OpParis) crusade propelled by the undefined programmer aggregate Anonymous. ISIS’s news source, Al-Hayat Media Center, posted a connection and clarifications on the most proficient method to get to their new Dark Net site on a gathering related with ISIS.

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