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DHRUV DESAI – Cinematographer and filmmaker

DHRUV DESAI – Cinematographer and filmmaker

Dhruv Desai is a cinematographer and filmmaker. Basically he belongs to Gujarat. He is an alma mater of Whistling Woods international. He started his career from a music video “Baatein” after that he worked with many production houses and channels like Bindaas and Maddock films. Recently he worked as Associate cinematographer for Netflix film Chopsticks.

Here is Dhruv Desai in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey began? 

It began as I started my education of filmmaking at Whistling Woods international film school in Mumbai where I specialized in cinematography.

2) Where and when did you get your first break?

After approaching many people and struggling for more than a year I got to work with a Cinematographer named Kedar Gaekwad in a historical war film called ‘Farzand’ which got a big box office collection and many awards including best Cinematography.

3) What are the odds in your industry as a career option and how did you face them?

Sometimes there’s some inconsistently in between the projects during which you have again scout for new projects, also we have to away from family for weeks or months if the shoot is away from away, still we make shooting crew our family, i guess we make more families every time we go outdoors for shoot, i think that’s an add on. 

4) Who has been your inspiration?

Not who but you can what has has been or is my inspiration, that is films, movies, the recreation of an another life, different characters and their happiness, sorrows, grief, it all sums to making a beautiful narrative which will make a viewer feel the same when it’s on a big screen with all that beautiful visual frames created by us. 

5) What are the pros and cons of filmmaking?

You get to travel a lot if you like it than it’s a pro and you get to sleep very less just for few hours in between the 12 to 14 hours shifts but that’s just a temporary con.

6) What according to you makes a good story?

The journey of a character and the challenges faced by him/her with some intriguing heartfelt or heartbreaking situations in all the genres possible. 

7) How is your filmmaking career progressing? And where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

It’s going in good pace right now. I haven’t planned for 10 years just doing my job and hopefully after 10 years I’ll achieve what I meant to be.

8) Which is your most recent film?

Chopsticks and its on NETFLIX, well that rhymes too.

9) How do you manage stress at work?

By seeing the results,as soon as  we shoot something we see its playback immediately, that satisfactory feeling is kind of our stress buster.

10) How do you face your critics?

I welcome them, they encourages me more to do more good work.

11) How is life on the other side of work?

Frankly it’s boring. My work is my life so far.

12) What would you recommend to budding filmmakers?

Enjoy the movies and it’s creation. Love it and do your best.

13) How’s life in quarantine?

I felt the feeling of longing of being on a set, I missed being on set with my camera, my team and that chaotic yet pleasurable atmosphere.


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