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Accessories change the way our outfit looks. They can make an outfit from normal to statement easily. This makes accessorizing our wardrobe a need. So, let’s find out what are these essential items you must own to step up your glamour game. Here are 5 essential fashion accessories you must acquire:

  1. Statement bags:  Bags are considered as a status symbol. Not only they are functional but they glam up your look. They come in various sizes and shapes like tote, sling, clutches and many others. Choose the one that suits your look the most and see how your boring outfit glams up instantly.
  • Scarves: From wearing them as an accessory to wearing a scarf top, they have come a long way. This shows that how versatile is this article. If styled nicely, scarves can surely elevate any outfit.
  • Hats:What’s that a hat, crazy funky junky hat”. Yes, we all need to acquire this item as not only it makes our garb lush, but also protect us from scorching heat in summers and keep us warm in winters.
  • Sunglasses: The easiest way to make your outfit sumptuous is to add this accessory to your wardrobe. There is a variety of eyewear and mixing and matching them can do wonders.
  • Belts: This is the most important accessory. The make our outfit so effortless and classy, adding to our personal style. Therefore, having a good belt is an investment in fashion.

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"Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It is movement, design and architecture all in one" | ENGINEER | FASHION-FREAK |

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