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Sueme – A Fashion Blogger recently featured in Myntra Fashion Superstar- Season 1

Sueme – A Fashion Blogger recently featured in Myntra Fashion Superstar- Season 1

Sumedha Sharma is an interior designer by profession but because of her passion for fashion, she creates fashion content on Instagram. People know her from Myntra Fashion Superstar- Season 1. She is all about body positivity, self-love, and aesthetics. She strongly believes that there’s no such thing as fashion norms and it’s all up to one’s creative freedom, comfort, and liking. She also has her own brand of unisex oversized t-shirts called- Sueme

Here is Sumedha Sharma in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey begin?

It actually had a very unexpected start. Most people assume that I have a background in fashion, but to the contrary, I was actually an engineering student who was finding it hard to manage all the intense pressure and my hostel room became my safe space-where I’d dress up as a let out from all the mental stress. Later, I left engineering and stepped into Interior designing which was something I’d always had a passion for. I was sent to Milan through college and the people there inspired me in unknown ways. I started to make an effort to dress up to class everyday (unlike turning up to class in pajamas while in engineering) and that dressing up hasn’t stopped till date. Instagram became my best friend, and Myntra Fashion Superstar gave me a platform. 

2) Who has been your inspiration?

I remember following Amrita Thakur (a Delhi-based fashion designer) who’d post her outfit videos everyday. They really inspired me, and I remember writing to her back then for some tips. She said, she saw my profile and liked my personal style and that I should embrace it more. That gave me a different boost of energy. So, even though she’s not aware about how much she means to me (or my existence, hahaha), she’s been a huge inspiration since then.

3) Tell us about your journey in Myntra Fashion Superstar.

It was honestly very unplanned. I remember, I’d just started posting random outfit videos and that’s when Myntra ads started coming up calling for auditions. One of my friends forced me to upload a video for it, and I did (with zero expectations) and luckily, I still don’t understand how…the next thing I know that I was on the show. And, another shock was making it to the finals. It has been a life-changing journey- the exposure, the people, the learnings. I’m very grateful for it all.

4) What is the story behind your brand name “Sueme”?

It’s actually just word play. Since Sumedha is a pretty long name, my friends preferred calling me Sumi. And while I was on the show, I went with the name Sueme because I thought it’d be catchy with the tagline- Sue me for talking or Sue me for fashion. That’s because I love doing things which I like, which are not bound by societal norms. Later, I realised that people actually started recognizing me as Sueme instead of Sumedha and that’s when I decided to name the brand that. Because the brand is a reflection of my personal aesthetic.

5) How difficult was it to make fashion as your source of income?

As easy and glam as it looks, this industry is full of struggle and hard work. It’s not easy. Unlike the desk jobs with steady income, there’s no steady flow here. Some months you get a lot of projects and the pocket feels more than full, but some week you have none. It works for me because I love doing this, and money has never been a factor to be doing this. But, as per parents it’s obviously not a stable source of income. 

6) Which has been your most memorable project?

Even though I started out with Myntra but have worked with multiple brands after that, Myntra projects still remain my favourites. I remember flying to Mumbai to shoot for a Myntra Insider Ad after we were done with the show. That has to be my favourite because I met a lot of amazing people and met Sonakshi Sinha again on set. And she was super sweet to me, and we spoke about the show and it was just really fun, haha.

7) How and when did you build your own clothing brand?

I started chopping my clothes and making stuff for myself, I remember making a T-shirt in 2019 which said- Sue me for talking and my followers really loved it. After several polls and thoughts, I decided to make oversized unisex T-shirts. I’m actually happy that I worked on it, and started this project during the lockdown in 2020.

8) What are your upcoming projects?

I like to keep that as an element of surprise always. I love surprises, and I assume everyone around me likes it too, haha. So, follow me on my Instagram to see what’s coming next (such a shameless self-promotion, hahaha).

9) What advice would you give to the aspiring fashionistas?

I always say only one thing- Be real, be you. I always feel, more than anything it’s our authentic self that does well. There’s so much competition which gets intimidating, but believing in yourself and being true to your work will eventually pay off.

10) How was life in quarantine?

I think I utilized it to the fullest. I kept myself really busy by making content daily and gave a lot of other activities a try. I started painting almost daily, and cooking was fun too (at times) and I even got to work on my collection for the brand. So, except for missing out on travelling and meeting people, it was fun overall. Especially, being able to spend so much time with family.


INSTAGRAM: @suemeeeeeeeee

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