“Everything that’s old is new again” is a common refrain, but it’s true. The fashion industry is obviously feeling nostalgic for the late 90’s and early 2000s.

From chokers to wide-leg pants, scrunchies to tube tops, some of the most loved fashion trends of the decade are making comebacks and we are fully embracing these renewed trends with everything we have, and simultaneously taking advice from your favorite stars and influencers.

Scroll down to brush up on the trends that are coming back into style.

1]    Scrunchies –

Scrunchies are back and bigger than ever.

This throwback trend is here to stay, with iterations in all shades, patterns and fabrics showing up in stores worldwide.

2]    Padded Headbands –

Talk about turning your bad hair day into a good one use padded headbands and it isn’t anything new.

Channeling your inner Blair Waldorf, these accessories look so fantastic in the center of the head or even pushed back.

These headbands can go with everything and make your outfit look complete.

3]    Tiny Sunglasses –

Tiny sunglasses made their comeback in New York Fashion week 2018 and soon after that they were everywhere.

In 90’s this trend was considered the ultimate chic accessory for the It girls.

Now, we see these tiny sunglasses perched on the noses of our fashion celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

4]    Chokers –

This piece is making a comeback from the 1990’s

Teenagers and even young women are pulling of this look everywhere. They can be worn from everyday wear evening wear.

5]    Bandanas –

The easiest way to modify your outfit is adding functional and pretty accessories and bandanas is one of those simple additions making you stand out from the crowd so easily.

There is no right way to wear bandanas.

This pretty accessory can be worn in different ways , wrapped around heads, wrists, necks or tied on bags either way we just love it.

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