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Bring out the force inside you, we’ll share it with the world: Featuring the art in You!

Bring out the force inside you, we’ll share it with the world: Featuring the art in You!

The Internet defines art as something that has an aesthetic purpose, but can art be defined? Can it be confined in a box with a label on it? The answer is NO if you ask me. Art is like air it is there inside the box and it can also exist outside the box, it can be within the line or it can also be outside the lines, art is not an arc neither is it a line, among all the things that it isn’t, it is everything. 

You are an artist, it’s in everything you make or even in things that you break or destroy. It’s the way you move, it’s the way you walk, it is YOU, it is Your expression of yourself.   

Art is the A in Afour, it is an emotion, a movement, a fleet of rebels. Catering to the Youth culture at large and seeping in inspirations from the NOW because bygones should remain bygones. Amuse isn’t something of the past it is the present, it is derived from now. Living in the moment and working for today should be given more importance than blatantly bettering the thing of the past.

A culmination of artworks that gracefully entails fashion, lifestyle, concepts, brands, photography, paintings, cinematography, music, and more. Afour is just the thing capturing moments while in the moment, a media platform bringing in fresh perspectives from fresh muses.

“Bring out the force inside you we’ll share it with the world”, said Afour.

Youth Culture has the power to unite, strengthen and unite societies at large, that is why representing them becomes one of the major impactful coverage that Afour undertakes. Street culture can be seen as that turn which is visible from all the sides, it is a culture that has the capability to hold many environments together at one time. Expression is the media that produces an art, one expresses their opinions and feelings in physical forms with colours and brush strokes, in the case of paintings. Likewise, a carpenter will express himself with the use of his skill.

The youth strive to be ‘woke’, they tend to consume brands that are actively participating to take a stance about social, economic and political issue. Gone are the days when rules used to confine us, now we create to change, not obey. It’s a brand-new era, now is the time to live and live in the moment. 

Afour caters to the ones who cannot be confined in limits.

It’s YOU feat. the art in you.

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Nishant Bhalla

22• Engineer • Loquacious • I prefer taking the scenic route • A happy-go-lucky dilettante • Amateur Photographer

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