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THE JUBBAL FAMILY – A family that races together aces together

THE JUBBAL FAMILY – A family that races together aces together

Well, the simile might be a bit jaded and twisted but the twists and turns of the Jubbal family on the race track are noteworthy.
It all started during the dating period of  Jyotinder Jubbal and Aman. Unusual even then their best way to spend time was to race a passion that grew with their bond and their family. Motorsports is a way of life for them and so is supporting each other and their one collective passion.

Aman Jubbal: Her first participation and podium finish was in Red Bull Catch Up at National Level in 2018. She stepped further into Autocross & Gymkhana and other formats of motorsports and there was no looking back. She has won many podiums in Autocross & won the national podium in Gymkhana in 2019. This win got her recognized in the top 4 girls who got selected in the team to represent India in Asian Auto Gymkhana Competition 2020. In her debut performance at Indian National Rally Championship round 3 in Coimbatore, she gained a podium in the women’s category which got her ranked in the top 10 women of motorsports by Red bull and right now, she is on her continued journey towards the passion of her sport, traveling to Vadodra for formula woman assessments event.

I could fill pages of her achievements on the motorsports track but surprisingly this lady is an equal force to reckon with off the track for her kids as well busting the myth that star mothers cannot have star kids. It seems motivating each other and to focus on the track is a mantra for the family. Aman’s daughter, Muskaan Jubbal at the age of 13 years has been recognized and felicitated as “The outstanding Women in Motorsports” by the Federation of Motor Sports Club of India. She was just 9 when she started karting and participated in the first karting competition. She was recognized as “youngest and the fastest female on the track” for consecutive two years. She got an opportunity to share the track with Narain Karthikeyan and take learnings from him to further channel her energies into the more rigorous arena of motorsports and ever since has been regular at the home and international competitions.

She stepped up in 2019 by participating in Girls on Track held alongside JK tyres national 4 stroke Karting championship approved by FMSCI and youngest ever at just 13, proved her mettle by securing the first in all three rounds of Girls on Track event supported by Women in Motorsports, India an initiative by FIA. And couldn’t have been better where she shared the podium with her own brother in the JK Tyre 4 stroke National Karting Championship in 2019.

Talking about her brother Jasmehar Jubbal, he’s ranked in the top 6 by Red Bull in Esports. While this little girl has a long list of achievements and podiums to her credit which are truly matched by her only sibling Jasmehar again a multiple podiums winner in autocross format of motorsports besides being and JK Tyre 4 stroke National Karting Champion, keeping the family spirit and tradition alive.

I know you might think as if it’s too good to be a true saga but while conversing with the family I came to know that a joint passion apart the Jubbal are people who live life passionately unrestricted by each other’s identity or pressure. Jasmehar a brilliant coder and with a keen interest in modifying cars is a different person as opposed to his sister who is a mellifluous singer and a baker and Aman while professionally she’s working as a Director, HR in a Pvt firm, she’s surely a good cook and a good photographer as well and Jyotinder her husband the strongest backbone.

Just to add on he’s also a true motorsports enthusiast and actively participates in the Autocross and TSD rally format. And to my surprise, all four of them have collectively gained more than 100+ trophies in various streams of motorsports only for the year 2019.

Each one of them, distinct, unique, and passionate yet bound by a common thread of motorsports. But the going has not been easy with the motorsport arena being rather little defined in our country the red tape and government support have been next to none for this talented family. As Aman shares,  that the FIA-approved racing gear, which is required for participation in the official events, falls expensive and the customs duties are really high. Even the regular training costs, rental of the cars, and the total participation costs are pinching, due to which either she or the kids have had to miss several events. But the spirit is that of a true sportsperson, to keep going anyhow, never to be defeated and always trying, trying their best.

Thanking their respective coaches, teammates, and mentors who have been their guiding stars for their phenomenal blaze of glory and of course support system of each other the “Jubbal Family” is racing ahead to bring India on the front runner in motorsports with or without Sarkari support. Yet they say, it shall be great if the official Ministry of Sports shall include even Motorsports under Khelo India Khelo which can make it easier for performing kids like Jasmehar & Muskaan to take up their sport even more passionately and help them grow in it.


AMAN JUBBAL: @amanjubbal @aj_absolutejoy

JYOTINDER JUBBAL: @jyotinder_jubbal

MUSKAAN JUBBAL: @muskaanjubbal


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