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Does the fabric of love change from, person to person, flexibility to stringency over following each other’s heart, romanticism to pragmatism, aimless long walks to embarking a destined path? Does it change or turn out as a simulacrum of an overwhelmed consensus but with different shades?

Dear love,

Hope you’ve been doing great, this pandemic has turned our strangled lives into a morass of rigidity when certitude is no less than perfidious with changing times, that’s why they are called ‘changing’ but this inertia to go back hurts the most to take the first step. I am again being discursive, but since you yourself are so unpredictable, so challenging, deceiving ephemeral & eternity as clouds in monsoon are, the way they come& quench the debilitating heat of isolation of earth, sometimes they come& vanish slowly as a person gets over a heartbreak without even realizing the gradual uplifting of the burden of a deceased affection! People are battling with mental issues, job losses, domestic violence, poverty, a sheer numbness has paralyzed the world it seems, we want to move but can’t, this fear is stifling mobility.

But since you have survived ancient times when you weren’t equipped with the modern-day gifts or the poetry that celebrates& curses you, you have made transitions from literature to hearts, from world wars to marriages in your name, the journey would have been arduous I believe, for a legend like you this pandemic is not necessarily a reason to bolster the claims of pessimists & rationalists that love is fading & soon to be found on its deathbed right? Since in your name, many like ‘me’ have doubted the credibility of our existence as you left no stones unturned to make us tormented souls & angels simultaneously as Arthur Schopenhauer touted sometime ago, you are the driving force behind this transcendence, you are a necessary dilettantism that has evolved albeit not beautifully but given the kind of allies (we humans) you’ve had, you are forgiven! What a strange breed you are, if I may reduce you mightiness into a physical form, the more evil spreads its wings, the more you find the sword of Damocles hanging on your head, every anomaly takes a capricious turn because you are suppressed, then from nowhere or deep down somewhere you come & take it all over, some things nurture you so you outgrow the hatred eventually, some just become the so-called reality-driven but sure is to awaken when you make a move to shake them from the very core, where you reside sporadically. No matter, how many times you get knocked down; you wouldn’t be knocked out ever!

You have been here from the very beginning I don’t know what that is, but you have been giving life a reason, humans coexist because of all your forms, we are so small a part of this universe which extends beyond our imagination bound by time far away from understanding our own reality, but it’s you who gives a meaning to live, to become better, to be thankful to nature, to be compassionate to others, to do stuff we wouldn’t have if you hadn’t been there. You are wounded I know when you see, children getting raped, genocides in the name of belief, the worst form of terror in the name of heaven, greed reducing this planet into a hot bowl or an icicle going to melt away, but when times are such testing or interesting (curse ridden) as Confucius said, you have to find space just like a plant grows from crevices or light enters from the broken pieces, you have an extensive set of music & literature on you, you are important, you are like one of my favorite anime characters ‘Goku’, the more they think you are vulnerable the stronger your comeback is.

This pandemic wouldn’t last long, but you have to stay amidst this okay! You have to give us strength that already is in us, but you motivate like no one else. You are the real savior; you keep asking me, why do I believe in you? As a theist believes in god embracing the faith that he will be there to enlighten, to strengthen even the weakest of the weak, I think it’s you who’s the reason poetry is fun, pain is unwanted but it still belongs to a part of us & with your aid pain turns people into artists, I have been down on a path in your name with vesting hopes in people, but when people let you down you wouldn’t, you make us so interesting that without you we are so unfunny.

Damn you, this much admiration would be an overeating to you, but don’t you forget your necessary recklessness & sincere commitment to reign over hearts, to make us what we were born of!

Good day!

PS: love is bigger than loving a person; it’s free, belongs to all, people are just mediums.

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Shiwangi Sharma

Exist in my own head only & Still figuring the rest out!

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