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Practical ways to cultivate gratitude

Practical ways to cultivate gratitude

The growing evidence of research shows gratitude as a key to health, happiness, and healthy relationships and can be cultivated with consistent practice. Below are the various strategies for cultivating gratitude:

  • Notice small favors– a helping hand, a warm cup of tea or coffee, a cozy blanket, or even a glass of clean water
  • Say thank you– to those who helped during difficult times.
  • Keep a gratitude journal– write about a time you were grateful for something a loved one did for you. List three funny, cute things your kid did today.
  • Express your gratitude to the higher power (god and nature) – for bestowing an enormous blessing on you in the form of parents, friends, food, water, and much more.
  • Counting blessings– write down five things for which you are thankful (the counting blessings) either daily or weekly basis.
  • Three good things– write down the three things that went well and also note down the causes behind the happening of those good things.
  • Mental subtraction– imagine the situation, if a desirable event had not happened in their life.
  • Gratitude letters and gratitude visits– write a letter or a card and deliver a letter of gratitude to someone whom you have never thanked properly. Make a visit to your dear and close ones and give them hug. Tell them how grateful you are to have them in your lives.

Hence, an effective and productive life can be attained by practicing some of the mentioned strategies of gratitude during normal times or time of crisis. Make the habit of being thankful, spreading positive vibes, an everyday thing. With practice, cultivating gratitude improves feelings of well-being and makes you more resilient during hardships.  

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