Through your life, as you rise, you’ve thought of this,
When your until existence was lacking a bliss.
For you know you don’t possess enough,
As the crown of happiness seemed decidedly tough.
Each time you ask yourself ‘why it’s always me’ in the queue,
For everything, the world turns against you.
Feeling betrayed you broke so silently never volunteers to confess,
For you, it became something you could ever express.

Now to you, you think the sun won’t shine,
Also, the stars don’t seem to align.
The dream you saw has now shred,
For you now life is something that you dread.
Dear people of all the ages,
Free your mind peace your soul from all these cages.
Just start out slow,
And let fruitful thoughts to grow.
Surround yourself with a positive attitude,
And let yourself out of this inferior solitude.

Then the world will seem right and true,
And you’ll feel happy being you.
For then each time you’ll know without a doubt,
Good things always come about.

“I once heard an old man say,
Shaping vases out of clay into subtle forms sublime,
Listen you all, GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME”