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Between day and night,
Comes there a twilight.
Hazy and unclear,
And that is where all the difference began.

I walked through the day.
Crimson moon and noon gay
To reach the mystic eve,
To find and to believe.
The way our lives were spurned.

As I sat down in grace
Tracing all of the space
l observed that twilight
Neither dark nor bright,
And my job was all done.

God might have walked my way.
And sat there where I lay
Between noon and eventide,
Between narrow and the wide
To complete the undone.

Drawing book of fate amid.
And with his ink fervid,
He wrote all of the fate,
Of the fish and also the bait
And of our life’s long run.

Drafting all of our delights
And the pain that frights
To the days of sheer ecstasy
and to the nights seering edgy.
To balance twilight and forerun.
So I resent God for not being firm.

On diluting with sadness some,
Why not all laughter on our sides?
Why do cries walk behind the smile?
And that he left purity in none.

Often had been I explained by him.
That verity is not what it seems,
That night seems darker only to eyes
It is but the depth hiding behind wise,
And that day and night are one

Nor do I have only days of bliss
Neither have just night of unease,
Their twilight seeks me the day next
To weigh my tire to my rest
And all are there to unfold and learn.

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About The Author

Saloni Shah

“A girl who isn’t afraid of being outnumbered. Just like an Eagle, she has the willpower to touch the sky!” From the small town of Shrirampur, Saloni Shah is a student at the University of Mumbai studying Computer Science. A learner who accepts change for the benefit of growth and improvement. She holds multiple records and awards.

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