I set another alarm,
Though I know I won’t be able to sleep.
It’s quiet everywhere, except for the mild humming noise of the fan and the ticking of the clock.
I don’t want to hear them,
but I can’t stop.

I feel my eyes getting weary and heavy from the baggage that I carry in my heart, but they won’t close.
They wish to stare at the screen for another minute,
Google a thing or two, searching for answers,
Searching for answers that I know reside within me,
But are nowhere to be found.

The clock draws my attention and I look at the corner of my screen,
It’s 3:30 a.m and I can’t sleep.
What am I even looking for?
For a while, I close my eyes,
And suddenly my alarm rings
And there is blinding light around me.

I must have forgotten to close the curtains.
And now they know, they know that I don’t sleep.
I lift myself up and get ready,
But while I walk, I see them staring.
They look right through me, into my soul,
and I feel naked.

I look away and walk my way,
And I see the clouds,
I see them lower to the ground.
They make everything foggy,
And I like them, now no one sees me.
I am lost.

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