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No farewell, no last days photos, no last group trips, no last day celebrations,
no heartiest goodbyes to family made in college, no promises made.- The 2020 batch unluckiest??
No exams, no classes, no assignments, no presentations, online exams at home, spending time doing fun, exploring new things, figuring out the flaws and working on them, getting a better and healthy lifestyle, getting prepared for the next step in life. The 2020 batch luckiest??
Every single student is having their own opinions about this all lockdown and pandemic scenario.

I also have never thought that the best time of my life so far would end this way. College life is the most unique, interesting, happening, chill times of every person, where he accidentally meets new people who come out to become family.
Schools just make you know yourself, figure out that what’s fit for you, is it studies or sports or art or fashion or anything. They are just fueling you up for the next step you have to take. But college is something where you actually grow try to understand things on your own, where you only have to take your big and small decisions, which path you have to choose to make the journey of your life happy and satisfied.

We are the kids of a generation that has witnessed a huge change globally.
We all have faced problems in our lives so far, but important is to learn from everything, either you can think about why is this happening to me or you can think what this thing wants you to do.
This pandemic has been chaos for many, people are committing suicide because of no jobs, no money, no food, and on the other side here are we, who with the grace of God and support of our parents, eating 3 meals a day, laughing and enjoying even in this lockdown.

This all is up to you the batch of 2020 graduates, how you are taking this pandemic. If you are just thinking about the things you could have done if this all pandemic scene might not happen then my friend you got to think out of the box, the other side of this is very bright, you must be first of all thankful that you and your family are safe and you are together which many people are just imagining.

This pandemic has brought a change in every single person’s mind, change in your plans, change in your lifestyle, and all.
The 2020 batch according to me is the luckiest batch in history who have enjoyed their college life as all but are graduated in a unique way plus the most important, this pandemic has given you plenty of time to be prepared for your next move, work on yourself, look after your health, your body, cleanse your mind, change your perspective of seeing things, this pandemic has warned us about all the problems which a person could possibly face.

The good news is that you all are happy because every student has his career and studies as a priority which thankfully this pandemic has made it easy for us.
So cheer up everything us going to be normal but till then you gotta keep working, working on your self, explore yourself, inculcate new and good habits, make yourself stronger, spend time with your family, set your priorities and destroy everything that has been an obstacle in your way.

And finally, congratulations to the class of 2020 you will be remembered as the unique graduates of the century.
Stay positive, be happy, stay safe.

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Ashutosh Pathak

||Heavy|| ||Humble|| ||High|| Blessed and still breathing, Making up rhymes Rolling good times Workouts, write-ups n trips

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