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A dreamer, A winner

A dreamer, A winner

Everything’s gonna be just fine. Things will fall into place and so will you. Scars will heal, eyes will smile. All you gotta admit is that things take time & we being humans commit mistakes. We’ll get what we aspire, if not today or tomorrow, but someday we will. But what it requires are efforts-honest, selfless efforts. Times are gonna be harder, they’ve never been easy. But you, you ought to be even harder, you need to curb those insecurities. So walk, run, crawl, just don’t stop, just don’t give up, don’t be a quitter. If not a winner, at least be a survivor, a soldier perhaps. You’ll make it someday trust me you will. There will be happy times again, you’ll be healed and fixed, you’ll dance, contently out in the rain with closed eyes & that really big, real, happy smile and then you’ll be proud of yourself & thankful to these hard times for these are the moments that are making you better.





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Rhea Sen

19 / vintage soul, retro vibe, 21st century's tribe / - a socially awkward girl with a real goofy smile.

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