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Nature – A Symphony!!!

Nature – A Symphony!!!

What is the first thing that comes to one’s mind when you think about The Beauty of Nature? Greenery, Right? But for me the beauty of nature is more than the greenery, everything you feel and see around the Birds, Animals, Rivers, Mountains, Forests, Air, etc. – all are a part of the beauty of nature.

The daintiness of nature around us is one of the utmost blessings of God as it allows us to choose places and many destinations for the sake of rest, rejuvenation and of course to capture – A Perfect Kodak Moment!

The exquisiteness of nature has always been an inspiration for artists around the world and it is evinced by the vast number of works of Art, Poetry and Music that have attracted people around the world, and it orbits around the beauty and allure of nature. Its gorgeousness is not only to be seen or heard it’s a feeling that can’t be expunged. No man-made beauty substitutes Natures Beauty.

The significance of nature cannot be overemphasized as it cannot be replaced by modern technology in any way. We are spending ceaseless hours in our air-conditioned rooms, in front of our screens, in big cities, wedged in traffic, scrolling through our Facebook feed thus flouting our bond with nature resulting in feeling lost. Our depiction of nature needs to be comprehensive we need to get away from the inkling that nature is “All out there,” that we must go visit and reconsider nature’s role in our cities.

We are so busy making a living that we forget to look at the beauty that’s enveloping us (Nature). We need to relive like our ancestors bird-watching, the brawling river, twittering crickets – Nature sounds have a direct therapeutic effect on living creatures. The inherent flora and fauna, far from clogged urban areas.

Many stress-ridden city-dwellers like me, feel that nature is an idyllic place to relax, detox, breathing fresh air, feeding one’s eyes on the animated shades of green offering an assortment of enthralling views that will take ones breath away enticing one’s body, mind, and soul in many positive ways.

The exquisiteness of nature does have a profound effect upon our senses, whether it results in incredulity in its very existence that leaves us in awe, marvel and admiration. “The simple acuity of nature is indeed a delight.”  The moment we think of nature, we think of things that dazzle one’s senses – The eminence of a mountain, the stretch of the sea, I can allegorically go on and on.

This world is habitually perceived through our senses and nature caresses them in the gentlest of ways. Its existence kindles us to contemplate that behind our busy city life there is a distant swooshing of leaves, glimmering of stars, all we need to do is observe nature in constant flux, even when the river’s water is frozen and everything appears to be motionless yet breathtakingly beautiful.

In my opinion, nature and art as inseparable as it is everywhere, and we are a part of it.

Every tree has an ineffable story; every rock a secret; every bird a melody, every blossom a smile. These intimate happenstances with nature fosters appreciation stimulating one’s thoughts as we are interconnected. Our everyday lives are busy as we are in search of contentment while disregarding the fact that our bodies gravitate to nature, but we complicate it by sluggishly letting it slip out of our grasp. 

Let us imagine a world where we wouldn`t be able to go out of our houses and the only thing we could make do with a photograph of a garden; don’t you think that such an existence would slowly descend us into lunacy.

Only if we awaken the deep, longing feeling within us, will we realize that we are choking between concrete walls and higgledy-piggledy streets. 

Our eyes for instance are to see and to be seen. They not only take in the information we are presented with, but also provides others with a glimpse into our inner souls.

Mother Nature did not just form our bodies but our environment too. Recurrently adoring the exquisiteness of our surroundings is not only good for our health, but it motivates us to ensure that our environment is preserved for future generations: through activities such as cutting down our carbon footprint, limiting our use of plastics and consuming sustainably.

Mother Nature gratifies all our five senses and all we must do is to tune in. Take those headsets out and listen to birds, the wind in the canopies of the trees. Inhale the scent of lavender, the sedative sea under the rays of the sun. Feel the bark of the tree, the waft of the wind through your hair and the meadow underneath your bare feet.

Reconnecting with nature is the amalgamation of gorgeous experiences. It is not just the striking views, invigorating scents that are beyond our city confinement. It is often said that one explicit component of nature has predominantly a profound effect on humans. Just ponder on this – how disturbing the clatter from the construction site around the corner or the honking of cars, those loud phone calls can be.

Now, reminisce your last trip admiring the landscape: you perhaps perceived those sounds as very pleasing, whether it’s the droning of the bees or the murmur of a stream, nature’s sounds have been proven to affect the processes in the human brain.

60% of our bodies consist of water and 70% of our planet is water, hence it is not startling then that we have a special and beautiful linking with water, and it has an enchanting power to make us calm, extant and most importantly observant. Solely the act of coming close to water brings us into the state of mind that’s peaceful and contemplative.

Everything in nature happens at leisure and without a struggle. Nature is never in rush but still gets everything done. In order to connect with nature, we must leave our neck-breaking pace of life behind and learn how to slow down and dive into a present moment. If we want to enjoy anything, be it a nice hot cup of tea, a plateful of assorted fritters, a bowl of ice cream what better place than the lap of nature drowning into the stunning sunset. Paradoxically, truth be told – that if we don’t slow down, we miss out on all the beauty in front of us.

Taking a slow walk giving yourself time to look, pay attention and absorb what is around you and how stunning it is. Sitting in the park and breathe deeply and slowly. Water your garden carefully and without a rush, like it’s not just another chore on your to-do list. In order to connect with nature, we must tune into its calm and pleasing pace.

Taking photographs is an amazing practice that makes us appreciate the pictorial beauty of the world around us. It makes us more observant, mindful and appreciative. Seizing whatever grabs your attention: the flora and fauna, butterflies, shorelines, sceneries, twilight. There are myriad of ideas and all you need to do is just open your eyes.

The bliss that comes by understanding and appreciating our deep-rooted connection with nature can be expressed through art thus providing an even deeper love and cerebral gratification. I truly believe that nature can reconcile and bring peace and balance to a world that desperately needs harmony. We are born into an enchanted world of sensual glee.

Yet it is challenging to exercise its credit goes to our never-ending demands of human-created society which have left most of us estranged from nature, witnessing “It” from a distance as an amorphous “Other,” at best to be assessed and labeled, rather than embraced, loved, and valued as a friendly extension of ourselves.

All we need to do is profoundly connect with nature and enter into a state of intimacy and by doing this not only you will connect with your earthly source, but you will also benefit in uncountable ways as you will free yourself from boundless thoughts and reservations as you experience a different kind of tranquility.

Somehow, we have lost touch with the world around us and ourselves. Dunking ourselves into nature opens our emotions and allows us to delve deep within our soul making us realize that we are part of nature too. I strongly believe that the more time we spend in nature, a lot profound our relationship becomes.

Walking down the park gives one an essence of what ecstasy feels like! Amidst the intriguing budding flowers beneath the clear blue sky forming a hypnotic picturesque view thus leaving you captivated for days!

Those early mornings with a stunning sunrise along with small drops of water on plants and glass windows, stunning view of dusk at oceans, seas, gorgeous night with twinkling stars, a lovely clear blue sky and not forgetting the rainbows .

These beautiful things belong to nature. We all keenly wait for that vacation so that we can visit different places like mountains, beaches, etc..

These are the easiest ways to enjoy nature. Every work is important but enjoying life with this nature is more amazing and necessary. Sit in the moonlight with your beloved one to make it memorable for a lifetime.

See the beauty of the moon how every week it changes its shape and when the day is with full moon watch that scars on the moon but it still shines, there’s no beauty like the moon which has gone through many phases but still shines one day and on that day nothing is beautiful than the moon.

All things that surround us have their home: the stars have the night sky, the wind has the fleeting hug of the leaves, thousands of little creatures are hidden in the meadow, and the birds are nestled in the groves.

When their harmonious humming meets the distressing clamor of the thronging cars, a small heart trembles in fear, scared of the ruination of their nests, while we live on unbothered and embrace Nature at its best.

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