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How it feels to be lonely

How it feels to be lonely

Ever wondered how it feels to have no one even when you are surrounded with many people called ‘friends’? Having many people to text or make a call, even realizing the fact that they won’t judge you for anything that you say or do, and still choosing not to drop a text or make a call. You choose to keep yourself within the four walls of your room, with your mobile in your hand waiting for people to reach you, staring at the walls and wondering when will you get out of your bed. All these scenarios in the head of socializing and the idea of getting involved with friends, and yet keeping oneself to just four walls.

Yes it is okay to feel sad, it is okay to feel alone, it is okay to feel lonely. You are a human, you have emotions, that is why you feel. You feel happy and that’s why in the absence of happiness, you feel dejected and get sad. But what matters is that one must learn to get past of every emotion, get hold of one’s feelings and not let the feelings or emotions get into your head and allow them to take control of you.

Thus, it is important for one to take control of one’s thoughts, even if the situations seem tough, it is important to get yourself out of the situation that is keeping you at your low. For the night may be cloudy on a no moon day, but the sun is still gonna rise tomorrow, bringing light and warmth to life.

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