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The controversial death of famous American rapper- Tupac Shakur

The controversial death of  famous American rapper- Tupac Shakur

Tupac famously known as an influential American rapper was famously known by his stage name 2pac, Tupac was not only famous for his songs but due for his way of addressing contemporary social issues through them.  Tupac was known to be born in Manhattan, New York City.

Tupac was passionate about music which lead him to shift to Los Angeles where he published his debut album 2pacalypse now in the year 1991 he became a famous public figure at that time. Tupac was also in prison for eight months for sexual assault charges but was also released later.

The death of Tupac Shakur was a shock for all of his fans, the day he was gunned down on the streets of Las Vegas the whole world was mourning as it came as a shock to the world.

The controversy of Tupac’s death became famous news during those days, there was a suspect who was also a rapper named the notorious B.I.G who was thought to be behind the death of Tupac but was also killed 6 months after Tupac’s death. Tupac was a loved and celebrated artist who was loved by everyone especially for the music he composed.

Tupac’s name has a special meaning which can be explained as Tupac the last leader of Peru’s Incan Empire which translates to ‘shining serpent’, Shakur comes from Arabic origin which means Thankful. 

Ten years after his death Madame Tussauds created an eerily life-like figure of the artist, there were hours of research on his videos and pictures that were provided by his mother and also hand-painted his tattoos to capture the resemblance.

Though Tupac died in 1916 he was again bought to the stage in the 2012 Coachella Music Festival via hologram-like many other deceased stars like Michael Jackson, Easy E. 

Tupac’s death still has some unsolved mysteries which continues to make the fans curious about his fatal death. The mystery of his death still remains unknown as the shooter was never caught but his songs are still generating major earnings. His death is a tragic accident that killed the very young rapper of the ’90s whose music has its own way of describing things happening around him.

It is a sad truth that evolved around Tupac’s death as he was not given the required amount of importance to find the real reason and the shooter behind his death. Though the mystery is unsolved, but his music would always remain in the hearts of his fans.

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