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Divine Soul

Divine Soul

I’m a divine soul,
I’m a mortal soul,
I love lights, I love black holes;
I’m surrounded by dark and by bright,
I’m not afraid of downs and love heights;
I’m the heaven and I am the hell,
I’m the suspicion full well;
I admire roses and praise lilies too,
I am black and white, but I applaud hue;

I was jocular but now changing into a wretch
Once I’m an angel now developing in the devil
Sometimes I’m old school and sometimes in Neville;
Sometimes in my life, I move ahead while sometimes I’m dead;
I am not chivalrous anymore,
I’m becoming abrupt now;
My temper is not consistent anymore,
It becomes capricious now;
Haha, you can’t judge me anymore,
Because I am a bipolar person now;
I am not loquacious anymore,
I am reticent now;
I’m not active anymore,
I’m lazy now.

You wanna do shit with me, haha come on,
I am a karma believer now;
You wanna read me? But you don’t anymore,
Because I have a split personality now;
I don’t afraid to walk alone anymore,
Because even my shadow is a refuge now.

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About The Author

Tanuj Sharma

A young mind with pen and thoughts. Avid reader and writer. Poetry and literature. I write to feel emotion. I am a light struggling to never become dim.

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