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Akansha Bakshi – an entrepreneur, a dreamer and a traveller

Akansha Bakshi – an entrepreneur, a dreamer and a traveller

Hailing from the city of palaces and royalty – Jaipur, Rajasthan. Living life to the fullest was just in-born. From my early years, I had the privilege of growing around parents who made a niche in the education sector in Rajasthan. I had big shoes to fill in. After my post-graduation from the University of Bath, U.K. I joined them and ventured out to establish Seedling International Academy and started our I.B and Cambridge Programmes. I have always enjoyed working with the youth. Being closer to them in age made me relatable to them and I could understand what they are going through. Which helped me counsel them and motivate them to prosper.

This led me to start my Blog and as an influencer – Magnificent Mayhem, collaborating with Luxury Fashion and Lifestyle brands that resonate with me.

An entrepreneur, a dreamer with a passion for life, style, creativity and travel. I believe what you wear speaks about you a great deal. Travelling all over the globe and discovering new adventures creates worldly exposure. I am a woman who believes in being grateful for all that I have blessed with and I want to share with like-minded individuals

Here is Akansha Bakshi in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) When did your journey as an influencer begin?

I started my Blog, Magnificent Mayhem in March 2019.  

2) How was your first experience in your own school/University?

Working at my school/university has been a life-changing transformation for me. Working with the youth has been so fulfilling for me as well. When I started the IB & Cambridge programmes and established Seedling International Academy I still remember my first batch. We started as a small batch and a close group we all grew together. When they went off to university with their wonderful placements. I felt so much pride and also sorrow to have them leave. But that experience led me to work with the youth, counselling and influencing them.

3) Which has been your most successful venture?

My most successful venture so far has been the establishment of  Seedling International Academy, which is now taking wings with its new state of the arts residential campus in Jagatpura.
Along with this my platform Magnificent Mayhem has been getting a lot of positive engagement. I want to ensure that my content consists of substance and adds value to my profile. That is my latest venture and I plan to see it through and make it a success! Like my parents once I set my mind to something I see it through and fortunately I am grateful for the universe to be able to make a difference

4) How do you relate to the different type of pressures faced in daily life?

We all have our share of Mayhem in our lives. There are challenges we face in our professional lives and personal. When personal life is working out, some issues at work come up and vice versa. But that’s life. What I truly believe is in balance. A good balance between work and personal life and keep emotions at a distance when it comes to working. If this Pandemic has taught us anything is the value of relationships and to be grateful for them. Situations and circumstances are not in our control, our mind is. I focus on the things that are working out for me on my bad days and that keeps me going. I manifest and truly believe in the power of the universe!

5) Who has been your inspiration?

My inspiration, my support is my mom. She is a medical doctor, educationist, a motivational speaker, and one of the strongest women I have had the privilege of being around. I have seen how strong she has been through her circumstances and overcome them and she has inculcated those in me. My mom has taught me the values and I owe everything I am to her. If I can be half the woman that she is I would consider my life worth it.

6) How has your travel life been? Which place would you consider as the best go-to place for you?

Travelling is something I live for. I have travelled all over the world, since the age of 1. I have been blessed to have been able to see so much of the world. Travelling to new countries and experiencing their cultures is a very big part of my life. It has given me so much exposure to the world and has been a part of my personality. I have also had the privilege of doing my schooling in Canada and college from the U.K and that has been a big part of my journey.

My go-to place forever is Dubai. But the two places on my next go-to list is to witness the Cherry Blossoms in Japan and northern lights 

7) Tell us about your latest collaboration.

My latest collaboration was with a Jaipur based brand Picchika by Urvashi Sethi and Gem Plaza. The collaboration was very close to my heart as Urvashi made a beautiful hand-painted saree with my favourite peonies on it in a pink shade and sketched my zodiac sign, Aries, on it. I am a strong sun sign and resonate a lot with the personality traits of an Arian. The beautiful jewellery from Gem Plaza was the perfect luxury addition to my look which we shot at my house.

8) How did you feel when you received your first Collaboration contract?

Overwhelmed and extremely grateful! I remember when I started Magnificent Mayhem I was so nervous and wanted to dip my feet in the water. But having it come along and being blessed so many collaboration opportunities with wonderful Luxury Lifestyle and Fashion Brands has been a dream come true. I have been manifesting this for a while and it is all coming together and I couldn’t be happier!

9) How was life in quarantine?

It has been a great time to reflect upon myself, grow, and heal. We all got so busy with our lives and just kept running. I am grateful for this time as it has helped me realign my priorities in life. I cannot remember the last time I got time like this with my family. I come from a family, where working is a strong family culture. My parents built an empire from scratch and my sister and I am always encouraged to work hard and put in everything that we pursue. So during this time I am so happy, though my dad is still at the forefront of the COVID war in our hospital, we are getting so much quality time together as a family. Binge-watching TV, playing cards, and just spending time together without all the extra social commitments.

10) How do you motivate yourself whenever you feel low?

“It’s a bad day, not a bad life,” I tell myself. It’s important to shift focus on other things. It’s not easy nothing ever is. Feeling low is a part and parcel of being human. But the show must go on. I tend to either dive into work or a conference call with my mom and my sister. Talking to them always lifts me up and empties my cup. It is important to vent it out also because if it keeps building up it will come out sooner or later in a worse way. So I get my dose of mom and I’m back to feeling good.


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