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DHORA – a slow and repeatable jewellery by AAvriti Jain

DHORA – a slow and repeatable jewellery by AAvriti Jain

Dhora is evocative of all that is beautiful. The brainchild of Aavriti R Jain ‘Dhora’ offers a unique signature style that is bold, contemporary and inspired by the province of Rajasthan, India.

To Aavriti, Rajasthan and Italy aren’t simply travel destinations. They’re home. Native to the desert state of India and educated at Istituto Marangoni, Milano, Aavriti has a unique perspective from which she draws inspiration. Her “minimal yet Indie” products embody old-world traditions and symbolize, “a simpler day for the modern free-spirited being.” As a brand will bestow a breath of fresh air to the classic art and mould them in contemporary frames – by giving back to its source of inspiration through exquisite pieces of handcrafted jewellery. An enticing mélange of Indian karigari with minimal and one of a kind designs that are making want-o-meters soar even as we speak, ‘Dhora’ is not only very contemporary and edgy, it is truly mode de la muse!


Aavriti Jain is the owner of the famous ‘Dhora’ which is providing you jewelry that is unique, bold, and contemporary and is inspired by the province of Rajasthan. She has a unique perspective from which she draws her inspiration. Her jewelries are ‘minimal yet Indie’ which personifies old traditional style mingled with modern free spirit.  She provides you great styles in pieces of jewelry that are simple yet elegant.

Here is Aavriti Jain in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) What came to your mind before bringing Dhora your own jewellery brand to life?

As a child, I’ve had moments of clarity where I realised that the one thing that makes me truly happy is creating! Creating a design, art, conversation, musical note, photograph. Hence Dhora came into being as a platform for my creation.

2) From where did you take your inspiration for opening a jewellery brand of your own?

I am lucky to have grown up in Jaipur, the city which is full of art and craft and then the most talented and enterprising parents. So I suppose I was instilled with inspiration within me.

3) Do you decide to expand your stores to other states also?

Absolutely! We are in Bombay and Jaipur currently. I would love to take it to Delhi and Goa next. Even though the pandemic has shaken our plans and taken a back step in retail altogether. I do like to believe a touch and feel store cannot be compensated by online shopping. Retail has its own beauty and adventure to it.

4) Do you believe in the saying if you dream something, it does come true?

A one hundred per cent. I am the biggest dreamer. Almost to a level of obnoxiousness. But I truly believe in dreaming and manifesting them with all your faith and energy. That’s the one things which cost nothing and is truly yours, so why not!

5) What was your experience being a jewellery brand owner?

I have a long way to go. Its been extremely welcoming ever since we are still a very small community of demi-fine jewellery brands and we are still trying to make a mark between the big wedding jewellery legacy brands and fashion labels. Trying to create our own little industry as we have such massive support from the customers and trends.

6) What does the name Dhora explains?

It means sand dunes in the Rajasthani dialect. Since I grew up in a desert state I’ve always been enchanted by its massiveness, its history of being a lake bed and of course the energy of the wind. It’s all so majestic.

7) How old is your brand Dhora?

I started it while I was doing my masters in Milan in 2013. It became more concrete and known in 2014.

8) From where do you get the ideas for the designs?

I’ve always had trouble answering this one! I really can’t point out one form or person or thing. But I believe it’s from the small things. Sporadic moments around nature, streets and within my mind.

9) Where do you see your brand Dhora in another 5 years?

I see a Dhora village. Where I can have a boutique hotel and much more around – all in Dhora philosophy. Where we can give back to people who help make it and touch upon age-old living habits and crafts.

10) How’s life in quarantine?

Bittersweet. Its taught me that you can work hard without going to an office for one. Its taught me to slow down and value the small. This is the longest that I’ve stayed in one city and I’ve definitely become more patient and have started enjoying the slow living.


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