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Aiden Chappel talks about rising to fame

Aiden Chappel talks about rising to fame

When classes went online last March, Brad Manley chose to shift his focus from academics to becoming an influencer on social media. A little over a year later, the 16-year-old Gloucester resident and a team of nine other teens from all across the country known as The WayBackHouse have created the biggest TikTok Content House in New England by posting short videos on the platform that bring back old trends and memories from 2019. Their account has garnered more than 1 million followers, 5 million likes, and 20 million views. 

Their account, @waybackhouse, has even made it to Kapwing Resources’ “Ultimate TikTok Houses List.” 

Here are Aidan Chappell and Brad Manning in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey start?

Our journey started in January. We were a group o random teens from across the country. A group of teens fed up with life, wanting to go back to the good days. So that’s exactly what we did.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

Our inspiration has been ourselves and the people in our group. We fear failure and it’s an inspiration to succeed. 

3) What gears do you use to create content?

We are geared by our fans. They allow us to stay motivated and keep creating more. We also motivate each other. But we love the fans and create our content to spread love and positivity.

4) How do you feel after becoming a one million family on TikTok?

We are extremely appreciative and grateful. We love each and every person. Y’all have become a huge part of our life. You guys inspire us more than you can even understand.

5) How do you manage your business and media?

Managing a “business” aspect of the account is hard. Even though most of us do this full time. We still want to respect our fans and not flood them with ads. As for media- some weeks we post on a schedule and some weeks we post whenever is convenient. It all depends… we have a normal life just like everyone else.

6) What are your future projects?

Hitting 1M opens up a realm of possibilities. We hope to start working with major brands and start seriously pursuing social media as a group as well as individually. We also hope to interact with fans a lot more. We want to have met and greeted, attend playlist, and possibly arrange a tour for the future. 

7) How was life in quarantine?

Quarantine was definitely hard. In fact, we hated it! To the point, we made a 2019 content house because we wanted to go back to simpler times. But we do have respect for it, without it we wouldn’t be where we are at now…


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