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Mithun – a Traveller and a Youtuber

Mithun – a Traveller and a Youtuber

“Hello people my name is Mithun Mojidra and I am well known as @travellermunda on social media. The journey started 6 years ago when I simply started posting travel clicks on my Instagram. Slowly and steadily I gathered quite a good number of audiences who started liking my work and I was glad to post more and more good content. There were many ups and downs in my journey of 6 years but see after tough times there is always a good time. I am now enjoying my work and will keep on creating more and more travel content.”@travellermunda

Here is Mithun in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey start?

My journey started in the year 2015 when i use to usually travel with my wife. We use to travel a lot and creating content on Instagram is my hobby.

2) Who has been your inspiration?

Well I cannot point out on a perticular person as every traveller who use to travel and create some great content was my favourite. I use to check their content and created my own.

3) How did your Instagram community grow?

During covid I got sufficient time to post my maximum travel clicks and videos. People who use to love my content started following my Instagram page and slowly and steadily i am now a family of above 1 Lakh which will always a proud moment for me.

4) Which has been your favorite destination?

Well mountain is my weakness and till now the most favourite destination for me is Sikkim. A place with scenic beauty all around and actually loved the entire journey. The roads, the Monestries , the climate everything.

5) Suggest three unexplored places in India.

Roopkund lake – Uttarakhand / Majuli – Assam / Gurez valley – Kashmir

6) How do you earn while travelling?

When i started travelling my motive was to convert it into my business. So I opened a company called Travelogy and started converting my travel trips into my business trips. Now I have a production team through which we promote Resorts/ Hotels on all social media platforms and along with it we also shoot a commercial video for the property covering their amenities and room categories.

7) How has travelling been difficult during COVID times?

Well initial 1st year during covid my business was totally Zero. Slowly & steadily when things started turning better my business also started and slowly slowly i was back on track. But yes first year of Covid did break my chain of income.


INSTAGRAM: @travellermunda

YOUTUBE: Traveller Munda

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