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Books are known to be our best friend, reading books always helps. There are tons and tons of books available with different genres. And it always depend upon you what you want to choose for reading, but you should always make a habit of reading.Here bringing you some notable books on self belief  and finding ones true self. I believe these books will bring a change in your way of thinking and bring positivity to your life.


People in japan, all of them have Ikigai with them its their reason to jump out of bed everyday. Ikigai is a concept in Japan which means a reason for being. The book explains you the importance of having a meaningful life rather then being lusted over objects and money. It tells you how finding what you love and passionately following it will bring happiness and fulfillment in your life and also make you live longer. This book has been written by the two authors Hector Garcia and Francesc Miracles. Ikigai revolves around the basic ways of finding your Ikigai ( reason for being), how living in the moment and being active brings you relaxation and peace in life.This book is a great way of learning how to live a better and happy life.


This book is written by the 14th Dalai Lama and Howard Cutler, who is a psychiatrist. This book has the questions that were raised by Howard to Dalai Lama, describing details of it with his own description on some issues. The book beautifully tells us how the main purpose of our life is to be happy, it tells us how the prime concept of happiness is within us and not through some external events or people. The book is a great read to understand the aspect of finding happiness and training our hearts and mind to follow the right path to find it.


This is a book written by the Instagram poet, Ashish Bagrecha it is his debut book. The book beautiful includes 30 letters and poems. We all at some point in time feel low or vulnerable from inside, it happens to everyone. Some are able to cope with it and there are some who cannot. This is a book for bringing that lost positivity in your life. The author of the book himself was fighting through depression and anxiety when he started posting poems and letters on Instagram to help those who are coping with it too. Mental health issues are of great concern, and for Ashish what started as Instagram posts ended in a book that is very easy, and simple language describes the pain and anxiety a person goes through. The book will make you understand how you are not alone and finding yourself it of it and fighting back is possible. For all those people who think they are lost and have no one, this book will make you feel the opposite.


This book is written by none other than the former first lady of United States Michelle Obama. The book is a memoir of her own experience and how she was able to voice her opinions and stand up in her life. It is a great book that will help you discover yourself, being a woman so compelling and iconic herself who emerged as the first African American woman of the United States. Her experience as a powerful advocate for women and girls in the U.S. She is a woman who was standing with her husband when he went through some of the terrible times. This book will let you understand and make you realize her experiences and how she has grown into someone who has managed motherhood and work with balance. It is a memoir of her personal experience which will inspire you to do the same.


The author of this book Paulo Coelho very beautiful tells us the story of a shepherd boy who always dreamt of treasure in a mountain and how he by following his dream was able to actually find it. This book of the very famous Paulo Coelho evolves around the life of the boy and his dream. It makes us believe in what we dream and teaches us to follow our hearts and keep dreaming. This book gives you a positive aspect of life that will further lead us to happiness


All the books referred above have their own way of bringing a change to your life, it doesn’t always need to be a big one but even a small positive change is better in everyone’s life. 

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