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ARTIST PARTH KANHAI – a grandson representing the legacy of the world recognized Padmashree Artists and Kanhai Chitrakar family

ARTIST PARTH KANHAI – a grandson representing the legacy of the world recognized Padmashree Artists and Kanhai Chitrakar family

Artist Parth Kanhai, a grandson representing the legacy of the world recognized Padmashree Artists and Kanhai Chitrakar family. In today’s world, where the art of bygone eras is vanishing, Parth Kanhai uses his spell of imagination to relive them by his vision. His unparalleled power of observation shows his thirst for learning art. His passion runs towards discoveries to establish him in the history of art. Parth’s area of the genre where he loves to play mostly is Gold, Abstract, Contemporary, Conceptual, Abstract Expressionism, Spiritual. Parth creates an aura of illusion where the art says something and the artist other. He tries to find a balance between inspiration and origination. He recently displayed his Sufi series called Kun Faya Kun. 

Here is Artist Parth Kanhai in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as an artist begin?

I was always fascinated with colours since my childhood, I have grown up in an artistic family with creativity running in my genes. It was normal to be attracted to canvas and colours. But, one day when I had a conversation with myself I realized that this is the road on which I want to walk. That day I decided on my profession and declared my passion.

2) Tell us something about the Kanhai Legacy.

Around 60 years back, a new face of art was invented by Padamshree Kanhai Chitrakar, who started making gold paintings at Vrindavan. Every piece of art was termed royal as semi-precious stones and pure gold leaves were used in it. Each painting took time as it was made with meticulous care and love. Kanhai Arts portrayed their imagination by adorning it on the walls of the houses of corporate leaders like Ambani, Birla, Actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor, Political leaders like LK Advani, Indira Gandhi, etc. Over the last six decades, Kanhai art has made thousands of paintings.

3) Who has been your inspiration?

My biggest inspirations are my grandfather Kanhai Chitrakar and my father Govind Kanhai. For me, the art studio was my university and they were my teachers and mentors where I have learned every bit of detail, the treatment of light and shade in drawing figures. They taught me to channel my imagination and emotion. I learned various types of techniques. They made me a listener, because every canvas talks. Apart from family, many artists inspired me in becoming who am I today. Living legend Marco Grassi’s hyperrealism motivated me. Alec Monopoly’s street and pop art taught me how to use colors. Not just artists, people also inspire me. Inspiration is everywhere.

4) What does your art define?

My art is the mirror of how I imagine and perceive life. It depicts love for the self and God, all of my paintings are a portal of artistic luxury. I try to portray the reality of the world with a subtle hope of utopia. I always believed symbols played a major role in impacting people and making a place in their memory, hence I made a series of symbols that depicts growth, love, hope, and enlightenment. Love and imagination are the colors that I use on every canvas.

5) How has art affected your life?

Art has changed my perspective of life around me, I believe we all are surrounded by art. Art is in the awareness. It had created a great impact on my moods as I have become a calmer person. It has helped me understand around the world. It has increased my self-awareness and positivity. Peace and contentment are two things, which art gave me and for that, I will always be grateful to it. Art has made me open to interpret new ideas and experiences. I think art is a fuel that enriches the soul. The creativity that comes with producing and looking at art has changed my outlook on life. I believe art is so powerful that it has the potential to influence culture, society, politics, religion and even the economy.

6) Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am not a soothsayer but I hope my art takes me to every corner of the world. I aim at being a constant subject of the art magazine and blogs, a persistent artist whose paintings are auctioned, the around-the-clock buzz in the art industry and an ongoing topic of the grapevine. I see myself writing my name in the history of art.

7) Where do you want to take the Kanhai legacy?

I want to proclaim and maintain the authenticity of the Kanhai Legacy. My vision is to reach a much broader audience through this unique style because I believe these art pieces are never made by anyone else. I am the third generation and since I joined the legacy. I introduced new styles and techniques keeping in mind the demands of contemporary societies. I hope the awareness of Kanhai Art will continue to spread as the sky is the limit.


INSTAGRAM: @artistparthkanhai

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