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KAIF ALI KHAN – Entrepreneur, Actor, Health and Fitness Enthusiast

KAIF ALI KHAN – Entrepreneur, Actor, Health and Fitness Enthusiast

Kaif Ali Khan is an Indian actor and entrepreneur who devotes the majority of his time to things he is passionate about. He is best known for his role of Abdul Rahim Khan-E-Khana in Ekta Kapoor’s historical drama, Jodha Akbar that aired on Zee TV. We have also seen Kaif Ali Khan in various music videos and dramas over the years. He has recently stepped foot into the world of business with his latest find “The MentCouch Magazine” which he co-founded with Tanjina Khan.  

The MentCouch Magazine is a lifestyle and wellness magazine devoted to amplifying the voices of various mental health professionals and even wellness advocates of our time and sharing the related insights with the world. Being a health & fitness enthusiast himself, with this publication, Kaif Ali Khan seeks to explore new insights and to help the readers articulate a new view of mental health and general wellness. According to the co-founder, the aim of the magazine is simple, encouraging better health and sharing. It simply aims to share and inform, with a focus on the lifestyle factors that need to be addressed in order to attain and maintain overall wellbeing.

Here is Kaif Ali Khan in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How did your journey as an actor start?

Most people discover their love for acting accidentally, in my case it simply came about from my love for cinema. I’ve been taking acting and related classes and performing in community and school plays since I was a child. That lead me to try my luck into the entertainment world through TV serials, music videos etc. But it is rather a passion and a hobby that I shall do forever.

2) Tell us more about your entrepreneurial interest.

Most business owners will agree on one thing – being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to call the shots. My interest began when I met like-minded individuals that share the same drive and passion as me and also because of the aspect of autonomy. Also, there is no greater shot of adrenaline than the one you receive after fulfilling a task and knowing you worked very hard to get there. Failure is a part of it but in business when I fail, it is entirely my responsibility. I have always been an advocate of wellness and fitness and I look forward to incorporating that into my work.

3) Why did you quit acting? 

I did not and never will! Acting requires substantial training, dedication and a lot of time. Let me elaborate a little on this because we can all walk, talk, take on other ‘personalities’ and remember stuff, there’s a tendency to believe that if you look good, can be cast in a project and get ‘noticed’ then ‘natural talent’ will lead you to a successful career in acting. This is a myth. It’s foolish to think that ‘natural talent’, good ‘looks’ and ‘dogged persistence will be enough (although all of that helps). I see it as an art and a hobby, not a full-time career choice for myself. Nevertheless, I do like devoting my free time to it.

4) Tell us about MentCouch Magazine. 

The MentCouch Magazine is a FREE e-magazine dealing exclusively with mental health, lifestyle and wellness related topics, tips and stories with 3000+ worldwide subscribers and growing. Our aim is to create a more aware and mentally resilient society that values the enhancement of both physical and mental aspects of wellbeing. We also accommodate a range of lifestyle topics that are related to health and wellness. We take pride in making such topics and information more accessible to readers free of cost.

5) What is your vision for the magazine in the next 5 years?

Simply to GROW and spread AWARENESS.

6) What is your role in MentCouch Magazine?

I am currently the COO and co-founder.


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Personal Instagram Handle: @kaif_ali_khann

Business Instagram: @the_mentcouch_magazine

Business Facebook: @mentcouchmagazine

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