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AVIMAN SHAH – Fashion and Lifestyle influencer

AVIMAN SHAH – Fashion and Lifestyle influencer

Aviman Shah is a 25-year-old Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer from Mumbai with over 38,000 followers on Instagram. He is also a Professionally trained Musician and has been singing and playing guitar for the past 15 years.Aviman posts some amazing content on Instagram ranging from Fashion to Travel to Music. He has been blogging for just about two years and has managed to collaborate with over 100 brands. Some of the major ones are Monster Energy Drink, Daniel Wellington, Puma, Budweiser, Durex, Speedo, Jack and Jones, The Man Company etc.

He loves standing out, he loves being different and that comes naturally to him. From his clothes to his hair, his beard, his obsession with rings and chains, it all adds up.

Here is Aviman Shah in a conversation with GOGO Magazine.

1) How will you describe your style?

My style is pure street style and a little but urban.

2) Between these three travel, Fashion and music. What is close to your heart?

Music is the closest to my heart but I love being in front of the camera so anything that allows me to do that, I go for it.

3) Which is your favorite travel destination?

New York is my love. I’ve been there twice and I want to live there one day.

4) 15 years into guitar playing. Any favourite guitarist and how music inspire you?

One of my favourite guitarists is Slash. He makes the hardest riffs look so easy and effortless. Music inspires me to use all the negative energy into something positive and to make the world a better place.

5) What are some factors which make you different from other bloggers?

Just the way I am, from the way I dress to the way I talk to how I look, everything about me makes me stand out.

6) How did you manage to collaborate with such great brands?

Perseverance, Determination, Hard Work and never giving up.

7) What is your biggest collaboration till now?

Probably Daniel Wellington and Budweiser.

8) What is the limitation of digital marketing?

Absolutely nothing. We live in a digital world, the sky is the limit if you know how to monetize your passion.

9) How do face your critics?

Critics and haters don’t bother me. You gotta do you, and not care what people say. But I always welcome constructive criticism.

10) How is life on the other side of blogging?

Just like any other field, it’s always difficult beginning but if you keep on going and don’t give up, trust me, you’ll get there.

11) How was life in quarantine?

I’m very strong mentally, so at the beginning of the lockdown itself, I had prepared myself for the long haul. I’ve been the most productive I’ve ever been probably during this quarantine. Just making content, working out, eating healthy and working on my music.


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