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Oxygen Express

Oxygen Express

Amidst the oxygen shortage and the ongoing pandemic (which is hitting India real hard), the Indian Railways came up with Oxygen Express. Oxygen Express trains are re-routing supplies across India to meet a severe shortage of medical-grade oxygen.

The first Oxygen Express train for Delhi carrying around 70 tonnes of the life-saving gas departed from Jindal Steel Works plant in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh on Sunday night, a senior official said. The train, with four tankers, reached Delhi by Monday night. Amid a shortage of oxygen to treat coronavirus patients, the railways have chalked out plans to transport medical oxygen from Angul, Kalingnagar, Rourkela, and Raigarh to Delhi and NCR region.

Two trains loaded from Bokaro to Lucknow, one empty train from Faridabad and carrying tankers of the Haryana government are en route to Rourkela and another empty train is on the way from Secunderabad for Angul with tankers of the Telangana government. Railways are also carrying out route mapping to take advantage of the maximum clearances available along the route.
Indian Railways has expanded their ‘Oxygen Express’ operations to Haryana and Telangana after Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi to bring relief to the states as India battles the second wave of Covid 19. Presently, four ‘Oxygen Express’ trains are on the run.

When the nation is battling with the crisis, every person is doing their best to share resources and whatever help they can come up with. Indian Railways is also playing a major role. So, for the sake of the nation and its people, and for the near and dear ones of yours, stay home, stay safe.

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