“No one from my family has ever been a part of politics, but I was inspired at a very young age by Ma’am Preneet Kaur (wife of Capt. Amarinder Singh, Current Chief Minister of Punjab). I was always associated with student communities and was a social activist and that Is how I came into the eyes of the heads of Government. My childhood dream was to become an Army officer and serve the nation, but my current position as a Director of Punjab Small Industries and Export Corporation has made me eligible to serve my state and my country. I am against the conservative ideologies which give way to religious difference, casteism, and likewise.

We as citizens of India have the full right to question the bigger organizations and thus, I have always been active in filing RTI’s in various departments like home ministry, defense ministry, education department to make the system better.

My recent RTI has been filed with the mission to make the examination process and exam sheets more transparent. I am hoping that in the upcoming academic session such issue would be resolved” says Himanshu Jha

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