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THE MAHABHARATA SAGA – Arjun vs Karan: a battle we can’t forget

THE MAHABHARATA SAGA – Arjun vs Karan: a battle we can’t forget

These two characters are not just some ordinary characters from Mahabharata Saga, it won’t be wrong to say that but these two were the most powerful warriors of all time. And the battle between these two ain’t just some ordinary battle but a battle played nicely by many characters and many dramatic turns are there. Let’s begin.

Krishna and Arjun

On the ninth day, Krishna told Arjun that now you have to fight otherwise I’ll fight. Arjun was hesitant about fighting as he gave his words to Kauravas that he won’t fight. But the time has come to take the side otherwise Krishna will fight and he will finish this all with his Sudarshana Chakra. But Arjun doesn’t want that because you this Krishna name will be tainted forever. So Arjun finally decided to go against his words and he decided to fight.

As days passed, towards the eleventh or twelfth day, the armies became almost equal in number, because on the Kaurava side, the losses were much bigger. On the sixteenth day, Karan took in charge if Kauravas’ army. And now Duryodhana was desperate to win the battle. At some point, Karan knew that it won’t be possible to win the battle against Krishna but he had the target to kill Arjun because of past reasons.

Karan’s and Indra’s Barter

It is well said that “ श्री कृष्ण की लीला अपरंपार थी ” and that’s true. Karan was gifted with kavacha or armor which made him strong and hard to kill. So Krishna played a game and he sent Indra to ask Karan for his kavacha and Karna gave it to him – in spite of the sun-god’s warning not to do that. At that time, Indra was pleased with Karna’s sense of sacrifice. Because he promised it, even though he knew that it would be sure death if he removed his kavacha, Karna gave it away. But in return, he asked for Indra’s Ayudha; Shakti Astra.

Before leaving Indra said Karna, “Win or lose the war – it’s a small matter. Today you have won immortal fame with the arms you gave me. I name you Vaikarthana for cutting your kavacha from your flesh. And men will say ever after that the greatest of all givers of arms was not Indra but Karna. As long as the world lives, Karna, your fame shall live in it,” and that is all Karna wanted. Both of them got what they wanted.

Karan and Ghatotkacha

Karan was saving the Indra’s ayudha for Arjun but to prove his loyalty to his best friend Duryodhana he used the Shakti Astra against Ghatotkacha so that Kauravas can take a step ahead in the war. At that point in time, The nighttime rule was broken and fighting started at night. At day Ghatotkacha was just some warrior but at night he had some occult powers. So to win over him Karan used the Shakti Astra. And now he has nothing left but all hail to Karan, but Karan was no coward and he was full of courage that he will destroy Arjun no matter what.

The Battle

So many things happened before the battle between Arjun and Karan. And after so many dramatic turns Karan and Arjun were just one step closer to prove who is the most powerful Kshatriya. And the time was up. Many things happened and now Karna’s wheel goes down. He comes down from the chariot and tries to get the wheel out. According to normal battle rules, in a situation like that, the opponents do not shoot at him; they wait for him to get back on the chariot.

And Karan believed that Pandavas won’t play against this. But again Krishna came into the picture. He told Arjun to make a move but Arjun told Krishna that he can’t, it’s against the rule but Krishna insisted.

Krishna asked Arjun, “What are you waiting for?” “No, let him release his chariot wheel.” Krishna’s patience is running out. He said, “Kill him.” Arjuna protests, “But he was unarmed.” “It does not matter – kill him.” Karna was trying to get his chariot wheel out. Krishna said, “Break the chariot.” So Arjuna broke the chariot.

It was a clever move again by Lord Krishna. And thus Karna went down.

A great man lost the battle.

With him gone, Duryodhana lost his heart. Karna was always his assurance.

After the Death

Now if we analyse the whole scenario, Karan was half Pandava and he was fighting against his own blood which was against the dharma and also Kauravas are considered evil side of Mahabharata. So Karan didn’t deserve heaven but that wasn’t the case here. As we know Mahabharata is interesting because of it’s different perspectives and angles.

Karan did attain heaven with the blessing of Krishna because lord Krishna always acknowledged Karan as a warrior and a friend towards Duryodhana. After Karan’s death he attained heaven.

And all the dramatic turns this battle took were all smart moves by Krishna because Krishna knew that no matter how strong Arjun as a Kshatriya is but Karan is stronger.

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