“We hardly realise our skills at a young age of our lives but sometimes our Mentors do that for us. Same happened to me during the school days when my teachers would encourage me to take part in singing competitions and I would always make them proud by winning most of the contests. My first singing competition was during my 5th grade and my first nickname kept at school was “Nightingale”. That time I was not even trained professionally, yet I would manage to woo and mesmerise the audiences with the God gift which I have kept safe till date- My voice. I believe that you may polish your voice for singing but the raw and innate talent is par excellence and has no comparison. What matters the most is the amount of dedication, commitment and seriousness you give to Music.

There is no end to learning in the field of music. Neither me nor anyone else can become 100% wise because when you become a critic for you own self, you realise that the ocean of Music is too deep.” Says Kiran Kaur, a runner up of Awaaz Punjab Di Season-3.

“Even after being a top contender in the TV Reality singing show, I didn’t take singing seriously initially. As my Husband and all the dear ones boosted me to follow my passion, I finally quit the 6-year long operational manager job at the Airport. I now travel all over India for different performances which has touch 100 in number. 3 years back I released my own song and now we are going to release a special Bollywood medley on the eve of women’s day (8 March 2020). The journey has just begun, there are many more to come. “

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