“Even though I was a Gold Medalist during my College time, I was a housewife for 16 long years. My Husband didn’t want me to work and I accepted his decision like an obedient wife. While his Business was going through a tough time, he succumbed to the pressure and SHOT HIMSELF DEAD!

Life was at a pause button and I had only two options; either to get caught into depression or take up a challenge to revive it all. There were around 100 court cases and a 60 crore loan, but nothing was as humongous as the loss which had hit me. My 2 daughters looked up to me with gloomy eyes and all I could give them was courage and freedom to break all the barriers of mind. 12 years have already passed since then and I am standing independent as a Certified Coach, Trainer, and an Author too” says Ritu Singal, Recipient of Women Entrepreneurial award in India by Economic Times.

This is not a dream, it’s all real!

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