“You would not believe it but I have done various odd jobs during the days when I was in my college. This was not because of the financial constraints but I had decided that I would not ask for money from my parents. I have a Master’s Degree in Business and my parents were always excited about me becoming a government official. I tried to make them proud and the countless government exams which I couldn’t clear were a clear indication that I was born to be something else. Theatre was something I always adored and that has helped me to become a better version of myself! While I was struggling to figure out the reason for my birth, I became too depressed and confined within the four walls of my home. I soon realized that my voice and ideas were perfect ingredients for cooking a Radio show!

My passion was too high that I would even start reading the signboards in a tone suitable for Radio shows. Initially, my parents were not confident about my career idea and my constant reluctance to find a job but I wanted to pursue my Passion! The first break from Government operated Radio was a confidence builder even if it offered me a small amount! Today, when I sit in front of my Radio Mic and talk to people who showed so much love and blessings upon me, I feel humbled and I want to reciprocate as much love as I can.” says the son who finally made his parents proud because he thinks that if you are honest with yourself then there is always a way for you!

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