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THE STRANGER STORY – The Survival Story of Chiranshu Arora

THE STRANGER STORY – The Survival Story of Chiranshu Arora

We don’t realise how important all the small things are to us until one day they are taken away. I was a normal 21-year-old, doing me under graduation, having a normal college life like any other 21 old out there. Things were going smooth until a day I had a shooting pain in my stomach, which I thought to be just a normal one so took a medicine. But still I started to vomit and heart beat increased rapidly. After that I was hospitalised. That is when I was diagnosed with pancreatitis. It was to an extent that it was damaging my kidney, liver and other organs. After being admitted to a local hospital I got to know that my pancreas are narcotizing and other organs were almost 20- 30% damaged due to the juice of the pancreas. I was on ventilator for the first 2 days. After I was stable the treatment started. When I woke up, I had 5 pipes in my body from a slit in my neck, nose and mouth. That time in ICU was the worst. People around me were dying, getting discharged and there I was just lying there unable to sleep for all the 55 days I was there.

After 55 days being in the ICU ,1 heart attack, almost 5 pipes running in my body 24X7 to keep me alive. Damaged pancreas and all the major organs working at just 70%. I survived, but I’ve had the worst 2 months of my life. I missed my chance to interview at my dream company, the girl I loved walked out on me and my parents were exhausted emotionally. I recovered, took me almost 5 months after my last operation. Though things started to fall in place but it was nevertheless same like before. I completed under graduation and was working. Then one day after 2 years, I diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was shaken to the core; it was like I was again on the same crossroad that haunted me from the past 2 years.

Though the time I was a bit stronger and coped up with it better than last time, this time the problems were even bigger. The doctor told this would just become worst and covert to type 1 with time. I was shattered and had no clue what to do. Nevertheless, life moved on.

5 months after this life had some other plans. I was tested positive for COVID-19. When I thought things would get better it just got worse. Yet I recovered from it too.

After the last 3 years and so many things that could have killed but didn’t make me realize that something in life is inevitable and you just have to be strong and let it pass. The only thought that got me through this the whole time was that someday the shadow days would be over.

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