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Mental Health in Isolation

Mental Health in Isolation

The Coronavirus has hit us hard, in every aspect, much more than anybody anticipated. Every power of the world has been trumped (pun intended!) and trounced by the virus. The world has come to a screeching halt.

Among the many bazookas, this lockdown has shot at us, a particular one seems to overshadow and overwhelm the lives of all, whether affected or unaffected by this demonic virus. There is a claustrophobic feeling which has engulfed nearly every one of us in varying degrees. From being a feeling of isolated restlessness for some, it has become a pandemic of its own for others.

Psychologically speaking, prolonged social isolation like claustrophobia brings around anxiety and sometimes depression. Most of us tend to ignore these mental health issues as they do not surface in the daily hustle of life. Among this, some of us have made the hustle, the routine, the socializing a coping mechanism. Others still, live in denial and manage to not let their issues surface amongst the chaos of life.

But now, it’s almost like it’s all rushing to the surface with no coping mechanisms, no distractions whatsoever. With not much to do and nowhere to go, there’s little we can do to prevent these issues from erupting out of the fragile defense mechanisms we have conceived.

The whole point of talking about this here is to acknowledge that we’re all struggling. Each in our way. In a way we could not fathom we would. In a way that requires ample time, energy, and patience.

The people we have around us, our families, are the only real defense mechanism we have at this point. But lest we think that this is only a defense mechanism, let me give you some good news. Most of us do have the privilege of having a family, a family that can listen, a family that can understand if there’s willingness and effort put in from both sides. We all need to mend the bridge which seems to have developed so many cracks, small and big, with no one tending to it.

Until then, I want you to know and remember that this will pass. I want you to remember that you will be okay, that your emotions are valid, that your mental health is a priority, and most importantly, whatever you are feeling right now is okay and you don’t have to feel guilty for any of it. You don’t.

I just urge you to try. I urge you to try and give your best shot at dealing with it. Deal with it as you want, deal with yourself with love. If 12 hours of sleep is what makes you feel better, sleep well. If reading a book is your thing, go and pick a good book or reread your favorite one. If cooking is what makes you happy, lay down a full fancy meal. If spending time with your family helps you deal, do that. Just do your thing, whatever helps you, whatever brings your mind at peace. Or better still, use this time to recalibrate. Rethink your plans; work on eliminating the unnecessary and adding the necessary. Plan on what and how are you going to do things differently post the lockdown. Set your priorities and map a way of working through them.

I know it’s easier said than done but try and use this time to accept your fears and your suffering. Accepting is the first step to healing. Affirm that you are healing, happy, and healthy. Lastly, please be kind to yourself.

Hang in there, and as it’s said and done, this too shall pass. I promise.





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Khushi Maheshwary

Happiness! That's what my parents had in mind when they named me. But I guess "Happiness" is so much more profound to be just a name. I wish to spread more of it through this blog, addressing and simplifying things we so often complicate ourselves. Happy Succinct Reading!!

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