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The National Socialist German Workers’ Party or Nazi Party was founded in 1919 and Hitler became its leader in 1921. It was a party that came into existence after World War 1 where Germany was defeated by the victorious allies.

This defeat had made the nation economically depressed and politically unstable. After the peace settlement that was Treaty of Versailles that ended the war was totally unjust as it humiliated Germany and was not able to give justice to Germany after its defeat. The party had two main motives to spread nationalism and anti-Semitism among people.

Adolf Hitler turned out to be a captivating leader and his main aim was to make the Germans against the Jews. He was an intelligent and powerful speaker that after being the leader of the party he delivered speeches on how the problems of Germany could be solved as Germans were already in a very disruptive stage and Hitler’s way of presenting speeches were so strong it made the Germans believe that the main cause of there problem can be solved if the Jews and capitalist would be removed from Germany. The young German men believed Hitler and were actively helping Hitler in his motive to remove the Jews from German. 

The Nazi party with its leader Hitler was victorious in elections held and blamed the then ruling party to be inefficient. In 1933 Hitler became the chancellor of German and his party came into power ruling the whole of  Germany. He was so reluctant to bring Germany into power that after his party formed the government all other parties were banned, he also removed Germany from the treaty of Versailles, rebuilt the armed forces of Germany and invaded Poland, Czechoslovakia.

Hitler’s aim to bring the Jews down started in 1933 when they were not allowed in many public places and were killed and many were sent to detention camps. During the time when Hitler was ruling there were many concentration camps that were built under these camps, people were tortured and killed they were also made to do forced labor. The first concentration camp was built in Dachau in Germany.

Hitler’s main aim was to remove the Jews from Germany and the expansion of the German territory. He started attacking Britain and France and both these countries declared war on Germany. Hitler made allies with Japan and Italy and also the Soviet Union.

Till 1941 when Germany launched a massive attack on the Soviet Union and invaded the Soviet Union there was a big war between these two nations the Nazi party killed lots of Jews from Soviet Russia. Later in 1941 the United States, North Africa, Italy, and France were fighting against Germany. 

In 1942 the Nazi party decided to kill all the Jews systematically in the Holocaust which meant a way of mass murder of Jews, according to Hitler these Jews were inferior and were to be killed. Millions of Jews were bought into concentration camps and were killed. This was Hitler’s last solution, where he did not even spare the children, many of whom were killed in the concentration camps and it was not only the Jews people but any handicapped person or a gypsy or a homosexual person was also killed as according to Hitler these were a shame to the society and were impure. There were death camps constructed in Poland too and millions of European Jews were killed too.

The killing of Jews only stopped when the war was coming to an end and the German armies were retreating towards Berlin.

In the year 1945, Hitler committed suicide and the allies took over Germany and removed every bits and pieces of Hitler even the swastika sign which was the party sign of Hitler was recognized as a bad sign. Though it was said Hitler committed suicide there was no proof of it.

Even after years of its death and downfall of the Nazi party the way of Hitler’s death is unknown and is a mystery. He was a man who had amazing skills of oration and was of one motive to expand Germany.




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