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Inner Demons

Inner Demons

We all know that we have them deep down, we even agree with them sometimes. Inner demons are inside and getting them out of you like all other demons are tough. A person who is strong enough to fight through their inner demons is known as great people and the ones who are not come to be known as lunatics.

All of us have an inner demon, which we all try to hide it as we all know that we would be judged by the whole world by our we act differently to cope up with the world. Inner demons are sometimes hard to hide it is a mental conflict in which you are struggling alone in your mind without the interference of anyone else.

It makes our mind believe in something or to do something which we know is ethically wrong but this fight of the wrong and right is what makes us good or bad. Inner demons are not like an actual ghost that we hear or read in books. It is our own mind and the thoughts around it that is so much inclusive with negativity that the perfect name to describe it is INNER DEMONS. They are not some actual demons that we as normal people cannot fight through, it’s our struggles and problems that have turned themselves into issues that we need to fight against in our minds.

There might have been a time when you have hated yourself or felt stupid about something which you have done or you have tried telling your mind how you need to stop yourself from doing that particular act but sadly the conscience in your mind that again makes you do it. It is the struggle between your conscience and your self which makes one commit a wrongful act. The mental power of the mind must play a major part in suppressing the ill motive to have control over one’s self.

There is nothing as such, which says we cannot win over ourselves from our own inner demons. We need to have control of the will and train our minds to understand that we cannot win this fight by ignoring them or fighting them,  we need to accept them and try doing what we feel is right and not what one wants to do to fulfill an ill motive.

We need to think positively of ourselves as a person with good thoughts we have in our minds we need to understand the reason behind them and try to overcome them. Trust we all have them are not willing to accept them.

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